How to get Gengar in Pokemon Go without using candies

By Melany Moncada


Oct 28, 2022

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If you are looking for a spooky Pokemon Go companion, look no further than Gengar. Here is everything you know need to know about Gengar in Pokemon Go.

Number 94 in the National Pokedex and originally from the Kanto region, Gengar is the very first spooky Pokemon. This smiley purple ghost was the blueprint for all spooky and scary Pokemon in the next generations.

As part of the first generation, Gengar is part of the first wave of Pokemon added to Pokemon Go but that doesn’t mean it is easy to find. Gengar has a 10% capture rate in the wild, so it is easier to get Gengar by evolving a Haunter.

Gastly and Haunter are rare Pokemon to find but even then, the spawn rates are higher than Gengar’s. Ghost type Pokemon tend to spawn more frequently in October around Halloween. Some players believe that Gastly spawns around cemeteries and churches. It could also hatch from a 5km egg.

Once you have a Gastly with 25 candies, you can get a Haunter. Now, getting from Haunter to Gengar is not as easy. A trainer will need 100 candies to evolve it into a Gengar or they could get to evolve it for free through a transfer.

Once a Haunter is transferred from one player to another, it is possible to evolve it without candies. A transfer of this type requires less than 500 Stardust since it is not considered a special Pokemon.

Gengar Pokemon Go evolution requirements

Is Gengar good in Pokemon Go?

Gengar is good in certain situations. As a Ghost type Pokemon, it is only vulnerable to Ghost and Dark type, which are not commonly used in PVP. This typing makes him an excellent choice for Raid Battles if the Pokemon boss is Psychic type.

Gengar max CP in the game is 2,878 and it is not possible to power it up beyond that point. Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are the best attacks for Gengar. If it has a different one, it might be worth investing in a TM.


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