These are the best Valorant cosplays of 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Every year fans craft their own versions of their favorite Valorant agents, and we have picked the very best Valorant cosplays for 2022. 

Riot Games’ unique shooter added a twist of agent-specific powers to the five-versus-five format. Along with it came immersive storylines and lore about its deadly and stylish characters. Despite countless hours spent battling mirror characters, the agents always look like they have just stepped out onto the runway. Sleek, dressed to the nines, and with bold voice lines, these agents are hard to resist.  

Valorant was released two years ago, but players still can’t stop obsessing over its animated agents. It’s no surprise Valorant community can’t get enough of these well-designed characters. We have picked out the best Valorant cosplays of 2022.

Valkyrae one-upped her own Viper cosplay

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In 2022, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter took her Valorant alter-ego Viper to a whole another level. Her 2020 cosplay can’t compare to how she pulled off Viper’s fierceness in a fresh Riot collaboration. The streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner even had a wig to match Viper’s sleek style. Her outfit had similar shiny patches contrasting the dark gloves and the mask. The poison green eye contacts were also on point. 

Charess’ Riot-backed Neon cosplay

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Filipina cosplayer and streamer Charess, AKA kittykatchii95, brought out a cosplay that is a massive hit in 2022. Neon was a welcome addition to the duelist roster with her lightning-fast speed and stylish hair. Players loved her kit, but it was her eye-catching getup that caught everyone’s attention. Charess perfectly captured Neon’s edge within two weeks of her release. From hair to outfit, everything was picture perfect. 

Aryanna Epperson’s sounds and looks like Killjoy

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Aryanna is most famous for her voice impressions, but her Killjoy cosplay had everyone talking. The content creator looked bubbly in Killjoy’s signature yellow and green colors. She even had Killjoy’s advanced tech to go with her outfit. Aryanna’s Killjoy impression is so good that you may need to take a second look when she’s dressed like the Sentinel. 

Larissa Rochefort Jett is casual

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We have all seen Jett cutting down mercenaries, but you ever wonder what Jett looks like outside of the field of battle? Larissa Rochefort showed us Jett’s workout routine in gym wear. The duelist kept her hair tied up, but her grey armor was replaced with stylish gym clothes. This cosplay atypical, and fans loved seeing Jett in more casual attire. 

Erine’s underrated Sage cosplay

Erine’s Sage cosplay is criminally underrated. The streamer nailed Sage’s high ponytail and even had a similar charm pinned on it.

Instead of editing in the crystal balls, Erine went with the real ones to match with her Sage-green earrings. A signature robe and a massive sniper rifle complete the look.