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These are the best smokes to learn on CS2 Inferno

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 8, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Inferno is the latest overhauled map in CS2, and while it looks like an entirely new location, the layout is mostly the same. But your old smokes may not work on the new Inferno. 

Inferno has undergone a massive Source 2 overhaul. It’s brighter, livelier, and less rusty. The visual tweaks and tick rate changes have also impacted lineups on Inferno as they have other CS2 maps. But fret not. These three smokes lineups can get you started on Inferno. 

Important smoke lineups on Inferno

Arch smoke is one of the crucial ones to learn on Inferno, but like all lineups, this one has also been modified in CS2. Instead of starting the smoke from the window on mid, the new lineup begins from the door that leads towards the apartment. Next, aim at the window and then press jump throw bind. This smoke will land deep in the arches, meaning it won’t block an AWPer that might be holding a close angle.

The next is CT smoke, which is a must when trying to hit the B site. Previously, the most common CT smoke started from banana, but this one is a bit risky. It starts from the red brick wall, an angle that the AWPer often locks in. Make sure you only execute this lineup with full team support. Otherwise, it could quickly backfire.

For the CT side, this smoke could be game-changing. T-side players find it easier to squeeze into the tight banana lane early in the round. If your utility is late enough, Ts could quickly take control of the entire B site. This smoke begins from CT spawn, meaning it would land right as Ts attempts to step in banana. It’s a simple two-step lineup that requires a jump bind.

Inferno is still new to the CS2 map pool, and the community is still finding unique ways to play this classic location. For now, these three smokes should help you get started on the antique map.


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