CS2 Inferno

Inferno is unrecognizably scenic in Counter-Strike 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 1, 2023

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Inferno is one of the confirmed maps for the competitive Counter-Strike 2 pool, and new leaks have revealed the first look at the artsy masterpiece.

Inferno is easily one of the most eye-pleasing maps in CS2. The antique architecture, distant sounds of a horse stable, and the melodic violin make Inferno a wholly spiritual experience. But nothing is serene about the map thanks to cut-throat corners that aid killer duels. Inferno has always been a legendary location for its competitive layout.

So, naturally, it’d remain a part of the CS2 map pool when it releases in the summer of 2023. Fans were ever so eager to steal a glance at the new look Inferno, and thanks to PDylan, the first images have slipped through the cracks.

Inferno looks better in CS2

Inferno’s layout stays the same in CS2, but the Source 2 luster would impress the fans. There are more boxes and bags, and more details have been added to the ambiance. Some corners have become smaller, while others look much more spacious.

Valve has replaced the blue boxes on the B site with fawn color sacks that blend well with the dusty site. So far, it seems the fountain has also dried up, meaning the iconic orange fishes are also gone. Conversely, the A site is mostly the same, save for the graveyard, which is much cleaner in CS2. Valve has also removed the hiding spot near the cemetery.

The most significant overhaul has been made to construction. The back of the coffin area is dipped in golden light and has been turned into a fully furnished church. It’s likely a panorama angle, but this area looks much more extensive and vast than CSGO. Details have also been added to windows and floors, making everything tenfold more visually pleasant.

CS2 Inferno

Inferno hasn’t yet been added to CS2, and it’s unknown if it’ll even be a part of the beta. In any case, players can enjoy the new map in CS2 as the release date should be soon.


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