These are the best sites for tracking your in-game Dota 2 stats

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The idea of poring over hundreds of previous matches may sound boring to many gamers, but dedicated Dota 2 players are not your average gamers.

Dota 2 fans love looking back through their years with the game, rediscovering memorable moments and revisiting their best and worst performances. Tons of websites have popped up to help Dota 2 players track their stats, but a few stand out thanks to their awesome features and clean design.

Dotabuff – Perfect for beginners

The most popular Dota 2 stat tracker earned its reputation with a balanced set of features and excellent usability. The Dotabuff homepage includes pro scene coverage and statistical analysis. After logging in with your Steam account, Dotabuff will parse every single Dota 2 match you’ve ever played. 

Dotabuff’s win rate and pick rate leaderboards are the site’s most useful features. You can view rates for previous game versions and even for all time. Dotabuff also offers some unique features for game analysis. Story mode turns your match into a humorous tale complete with foreshadowing. Dotabuff also records all chat messages, which is a rare feature for Dota 2 stat tracking sites.

OpenDota – Too many features to count

If Dotabuff stands out thanks to its ease of use, OpenDota stakes its claim on extremely in-depth data parsing. Originally known as YASP, OpenDota is the best Dota 2 stat tracker for experienced players. The site also uses Steam to parse matches, but the way that information is presented is entirely different. OpenDota can produce percentile benchmarks for every hero’s performance at every stage of the game and record every action taken in team fights.

The best feature on OpenDota is the records section, which shows your best and worst performances across your Dota 2 career. Other fun records like longest game, courier kills, highest GPM, and more are available on the profile section. The sheer number of features can overwhelm newer users, but experienced Dota 2 fans will love taking a trip through memory lane on OpenDota.

STRATZ – The best tool for grinding MMR

The STRATZ platform is more controversial than the other tracker on this list. In addition to being a stats website that parses your Steam ID, STRATZ also offers a downloadable client that analyzes games you’re currently playing. STRATZ can even parse your opponent’s matches and suggest picks and bans based on their history. STRATZ is definitely the most useful service on this list, but it could be labeled unfair to players who don’t use it.

The STRATZ website offers a standard experience of detailing your recent matches. It does include some less-supported stats like conduct and up-to-date MMR ranks. But the client is what STRATZ is really all about. The program will automatically detect stats as you play and offer counter picks, build suggestions, and even an estimated power curve.