These are the best P2000 skins in CSGO at every price range

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The best P2000 skins can make you smile every time you respawn in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

While the USP-S is currently the preferred CT starting pistol among pro players, the P2000 remains a popular option in matchmaking. The extra ammo and improved running accuracy make it a great choice for defenders on the move. If you’re looking for a new P2000 skin to match your pistol skills, these are five of the best P2000 skins in CSGO with price ranges ranging from budget to expensive.

The best P2000 skins in all of CSGO

The P2000’s simple shape makes it well-suited to graffiti patterns, which will be a running theme throughout this top five P2000 list. Since many players prefer to emulate the pros with the USP-S, most P2000 skins have much lower prices than their rarity might suggest. Now that Valve is messing around with the balance of the CT rifles, it’s only a matter of time before they revisit the P2000. That makes now the best time to pick up an amazing skin for cheap.

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5. Oceanic (20 cents)

Good P2000 skins don’t have to be expensive, and the best low-budget option is very cheap. Factory New Oceanics sell for just 20 cents on the Steam Market. Despite its rock-bottom price, the Oceanic features a pleasing black and blue pattern. It’s unfortunately the exact same from gun to gun, which is part of why the price is so low.

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4. Imperial (32 cents)

Moving up to slightly pricer skins, the Imperial is the flashiest skin under a dollar. The painted pattern is red with striking gold engravings. Even the label on the gun stands out thanks to its new color pattern. Imperials are from the Revolver case, which helps keep the price down. Even StatTrak™ Factory New Imperials sell for just over a dollar.

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3. Woodsman ($9)

The Woodsman is a considerable jump up from the first two P2000 skins, but it sports one of the best semi-realistic skins in CSGO. The Woodsman P2000 features camouflage on the lower half and a standout orange pattern on top. The Factory New version costs just a hair under nine bucks, but there also seems to be demand for Battle-Scarred editions of this P2000 skin.

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2. Fire Elemental ($14)

The recent Recoil case is proof that Valve wants to put more graffiti-style skins at lower rarities, but the Fire Elemental’s relatively simple design still holds up well. The Vanguard case covert is quite cheap at just $14. Lots of owners of this P2000 skin are probably selling after missing the trade-up on an AK-47 | Wasteland Rebel.

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1. Chainmail ($80)

The Chainmail P2000 is often overlooked due to it’s muted pattern, but true CSGO skin aficionados will recognize one when they see it. The Chainmail demands a whopping $80 for Factory New because it belongs to the Cobblestone collection. As more people trade up for AWP | Dragon Lores, there will be fewer Chainmails on the market. The skin itself features interlocking chains modeled after medieval knight armor. The dark tones make it fun to inspect in different lighting conditions.

Ocean Foam is the most expensive P2000 skin in CSGO

If you’re a true devotee to the P2000, the most expensive skin of all is a clean Ocean Foam. Factory New new models sell for around $135. That’s a ton of money for a pistol, but similarly to the Chainmail, the Ocean Foam’s price is inflated because of its value in trade-ups.

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The Ocean Foam is currently the preferred fodder for tradeups to the AK-47 | Fire Serpent in the Bravo collection. Clean StatTrak™ versions are even more expensive at over $1,000. The insane price is likely to grow even higher in the future. The best time to buy a P2000 Ocean Foam was in 2013. The second-best time is now before the price gets even higher.


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