New CSGO Recoil Case adds new gloves and pricy AWP skin

Kenneth Williams • July 1, 2022 8:18 pm

The Recoil Collection is the new batch of skins added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive including a new chance to get some gloves.

With no announcement whatsoever, Valve has released a brand new CSGO weapon crate called the Recoil Collection. The new case includes 17 new skins across four rarities. The reds of the case include an eye-popping pink AWP and Printstream pistol for the CT side. Recoil Crates also have a small chance to drop gloves, making it the sixth case to not feature knives.

The Recoil skins appear to be taken from the CSGO Community Workshop. There doesn’t appear to be a consistent theme among the skins, but most of them feature bright, graffiti-style patterns. Even without a central thread, the Recoil collection skins could become highly sought-after as play skins.

All the CSGO skins in the new Recoil Case

The blues of the Recoil collection are par for the course, with muted tones that still stand apart from the default weapons. The Glock-18 | Winterized and MAC-10 | Monkeyflage are currently the biggest hits, but the M4A4 | Poly Mag could become popular after the recent M4A1-S nerfs.

The purples bring some color, but they don’t land on any particularly popular weapons. The P90 | Vent Rush looks like an updated version of the Trigon. The design of the Dual Berettas | Flora Carnivora brings a lot to look at and the M249 | Downtown makes good use of the M249’s angular model.

The pinks kick things up a notch with loud graffiti patterns on popular weapons. The AK-47 | Ice Coaled should be an instant hit as a platform for stickers with it’s pale blue finish. The Visions and Kiss♥Love should also be popular for eco rounds.

Valve didn’t hold anything back when it comes to the reds in the new Recoil Case. Some players will get their hands on an AWP | Chromatic Abberation, which may be the first CSGO skin that is intentionally difficult to look at. Others will get a USP-S | Printstream, which joins the M4A1-S and Desert Eagle in the exclusive pearlescent club.

And for extremely lucky players, it’s possible to open a shiny new set of gloves. The Recoil Case golds include 24 different combinations of gloves and finishes. There are no new glove patterns in the collection, but expensive favorites like the Driver Gloves | Snow Leopard and the Sport Gloves | Slingshot are now up for grabs. The odds of opening new gloves is still extremely small, but more cases with gloves should lower their price in the long run.


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