Fade bungee on Icebox

These are the best maps to play Fade on, according to shroud

By Fariha Bhatti


May 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New Valorant agent Fade has been making waves since her release. Popular streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek thinks she’s viable at a pro level, but only on certain maps. 

Valorant’s spy roster got shaken up by new agent Fade, a reckless Radiant who harnesses dark powers to gain intel. Her kit quickly gained popularity, making her one of the widely picked agents in higher ranks. Fade was expected to dethrone Sova as the ultimate information gatherer. While she’s doing a great job in her category, Sova remains a mainstay. 

However, Fade has strengths on maps where even Sova may fail to deliver. In his recent stream, variety streamer and FPS maestro shroud has revealed the map pool where Fade may excel.

What are Fade’s best maps in Valorant? 

Any map with minimum high walls and obstructions are Fade’s home turf. For example, Breeze and Ascent are ideal maps for Fade, but small locations like Fracture are also viable. 

shroud has years of pro experience under his belt and has proven to have a strong feel for Valorant since its release. In his recent stream, shroud settled that Fade may have failed to replace Sova, she still shines in some location. According to him, Fade can be decent on Ascent and Fracture. Both the locations are quite different from one another, but the design provides ample opportunities for Fade’s kit to work its magic. 

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Bind and Haven may not be her best maps as Sova is the most viable on these locations. Haven is likely too large for Fade’s kit, and Sova’s kit may be able to deal more damage against opponents. Conversely, Bind is certainly not her worst map, but she may not be able to pull off her special tricks in this small location. Still, she’s a smart pick on Bind. 

It’s safe to say that shroud approves of Fade but remains a fan of Sova. Both characters are currently strong agent picks in Valorant so the newcomer isn’t in a bad spot in the way some agents are. 

Is Bind the worst map in Valorant?

In a recent Valorant stream, shroud stated Bind is the worst map in the game. According to him, no other location could compare to Bind’s mid-less layout. 

There’s no question that Bind is a unique map within the larger shooter space. Riot Games introduced a new mid-less map in hopes of refreshing the standard layout, but it doesn’t seem to suit the Valorant style.