These are the best CSGO commands for practicing smokes, nades

By Nick Johnson


Jul 25, 2020

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How a player uses their utility is often what separates good players from great ones.

Thankfully, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has several console commands that help players practice their smoke throws in offline servers. Some of these commands have been in the game since its original release in 2012, but several new commands were added in September 2019. These commands are simple to use, especially if players bind them to keys for convenience. Most of the commands require players to enable cheats on the server, which can be done by opening the console and entering “sv_cheats 1” without quotes. These commands can also be added to a user’s practice config file to make it even easier.

Wondering about to set up a practice config for CSGO? Check out our guide here.

CSGO’s best commands for grenade practice

These are specific commands meant to be used alongside a player’s practice config. Using them assumes that a player has turned on unlimited ammo, enabled CSGO’s “buy anywhere” function, and extended the round timer. While the commands will work without these additional commands, they make practice much easier.

The first command users should enter after “sv_cheats 1” is a command that allows them to carry every grenade instead of the normal three.

  • ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

Entering the command allows players to carry Molotovs, HE grenades, smokes, flashes, and decoys all at the time same.

These next commands let players see the trajectory of a thrown grenade after it’s thrown. This is extremely helpful when trying to find new lineups, as player will be able to see if the thrown grenade hits any objects or skyboxes on its way. The second command listed, “sv_grenade_trajectory_time X”, adjusts the number of seconds the line is shown before it disappears. Replace X with the number of seconds.

  • sv_grenade_trajectory 1 (change to 0 to disable)
  • sv_grenade_trajectory_time X (replace X with a number, default is 10)

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CSGO’s newest commands for smokes and flashes

Here are CSGO’s newer smoke commands.

Added in September 2019, this command was probably created to help developers test Shattered Web’s new bot executes before the operation released. Luckily for players, Valve decided to leave the command in the game for players to use. This command is a one-time command, meaning that users have to enter it every time they want to use it. Because of that, it’s useful to bind it to a key so that players can hit it at will without opening up their console again. The command throws the last grenade that a player threw from the same place they last threw it from. This means that users can line up a flash and throw it before testing its effectiveness on themselves by using the command.

  • sv_throw_last_grenade

This command is most useful for flashes, as seen in the video below where it’s used to test the best popflash for Inferno’s B site.

Finally, these might be the two best new grenade command to come to CSGO.  First is CSGO’s grenade preview command.

  • cl_grenadepreview

This command will show the trajectory of the grenade before a user throws it while they hold down the fire button. This is invaluable when testing new grenades, and it becomes even more useful when used with another one-time command that can be bound to a user’s keyboard.

  • cl_sim_grenade_trajectory

This command will “freeze” the trajectory line on the user’s screen, meaning they can test small adjustments while still being able to see previous lineups by pressing the button they’ve bound to the command.

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The days of having to throw a grenade, noclip to see where it landed, and then going back and trying to find a better one are now over. With these commands, players can now test multiple lineups at the same time, making the entire process of finding new grenade angles much easier.


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