These are the 10 best legendary skins in Overwatch

By Olivia Richman


Mar 4, 2020

Reading time: 4 min

There’s nothing that keeps people playing Overwatch despite the cries of “it’s a dead game” quite like loot boxes. But most people only open loot boxes for one thing: The legendary skins. Of course, some skins are only available for a limited time or during certain events each year. That only makes them all the more exciting when players find them. 

So here is our list of the top 10 legendary skins in Overwatch, in no particular order. These were chosen because of their aesthetic, overall design, attention to detail, and because we just think they’re awesome. 

D.Va: Palanquin

This festive skin was released in January 2017 for the Lunar New Year event. The colorful tassles hanging off her mech blended with the intricate traditional Chinese details found throughout its body make this a striking skin that won’t ever go out of style. D.Va’s dress has become a cosplay favorite thanks to its adorable and fashionable take on her signature colors.

While fans have argued in the past that D.Va doesn’t have enough legendary skins, there’s no denying that her existing legendary skins are some of the best in the game. 

Doomfist: Swamp Monster

Doomfist is totally transformed into the swamp monster from Shape of Water in his 2018 Halloween skin. What strikes me about this skin is the immense amount of detail in the design, from the fins on his elbows and the spots on his arms to the seaweed on his belt and the glowing gills on his ribcage. It’s a far cry from the chaos loving villain’s usual attire, which doesn’t change much from skin to skin. 

Junkrat: Krampus

Again, maybe we’re just suckers for transformations, but this Junkrat skin is an unexpected look for the explosion-obsessed thief. From the devil hoof and tail to his dark fur and demonic horns, this is a look that fits Junkrat perfectly because of Krampus’ origins of mayhem and destruction. In fact, now that I’ve seen this skin I can’t really picture Junkrat dressing up for Christmas in any other fashion. 

Lucio: Jazzy

If there’s ever a reason to play Lucio, this is it. This Legendary skin from 2017’s Anniversary event looks as smooth as it sounds. That’s right: This skin comes with the bonus of Lucio playing some brassy, jazzy tunes instead of his usual techno-inspired DJ beats. That alone makes this skin beyond satisfying. But the top hat and gold features don’t hurt either. 

Mei: Honeydew


This is the most adorable skin in the entire game. From the Anniversary event last year, this legendary skin’s mint green coloring and adorable details make it irresistable even to people who think Mei is the devil. The frilly apron with a winking honeydew melon and an orange bow are definitely enough for us to appreciate this design, but what really sells it the weapon. Instead of snow, Mei’s gun appears to be full of bubble dew, complete with a straw. 

Mercy: Sugar Plum Fairy

While Mercy may not be part of the current competitive meta, she still remains a favorite hero because of her aesthetic. This Swedish nurse looks good in almost every skin. But this skin stands out because of its dynamic styling. Her wings, which usually have a bigger span, are transformed into dainty fairy wings with a striking teal coloring. The ballet slippers with flowing ribbons are another amazing touch that bring the theme home. The headpiece is also stunning, making this a head-to-toe look that never gets old. 

Orisa: Forest Spirit

For Overwatch’s three-year anniversary, Orisa was completely transformed into a Forest Spirit. The wood armor is an awesome touch, along with the stone hooves and leaves hanging off the front. Her horns and the glowing details on her body are mesmorizing, making this one of the best Anniversary skins from 2018. This was a long time coming for the quad bot, who doesn’t usually see any action when it comes to legendary skins. 

Pharah: Asp

Pharah is an Egyptian security chief who is often stoic and serious about the mission at hand. This legendary skin embodies her majestic personality perfectly, while also paying homeage to her country’s history. Asp is an Egyptian symbol of loyalty, which is one of Pharah’s defining traits. Even though it’s a legendary skin that came with the game when it was released back in 2016, the gold styling and bold blue details make it hard to look away from this skin, even after seeing it for four years. 

Zenyatta: Cultist

It was honestly hard to choose which of Zenyatta’s legendary skins belonged on this list, between his Fastball skin and Nutcracker skin. The designers at Blizzard must have a fun time deciding what they can turn his orbs into for each theme. But we must be suckers for sea creatures, because this Cthulhu-inspired skin is just way too awesome not to include for me. Zenyatta drops his expressionless robotic face for a completely disturbing and intense tentacle head, complete with an ominous hood and glowing eyes. 

Sombra: Demon Hunter

To be honest, we don’t know if this skin counts as a legendary. But this rare skin is probably one of the most badass looks in the entire game. Sombra is transformed into a demon hunter, inspired by a Diablo 3 class of the same name. It was teased back in 2018 at BlizzCon and then finally made available to fans during the Halloween event the following year. 

Honorable Mention: Torbjorn

Wasn’t quite as sexy as fans wanted.