Overwatch fans upset with Winter Wonderland legendary event skins

By Olivia Richman


Dec 16, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event has finally arrived and fans aren’t too excited with what they’re seeing. 

While Sigma’s new legendary skin was met with applause, gamers are underwhelmed with the other cosmetics Blizzard has included this season. For many players, it seems as though the same heroes keep getting winter-themed skin, leaving others out in the cold for four Christmases in a row. 

This includes D.Va, who has yet to receive a winter holiday skin. D.Va has only received legendary skins for three events, including Lunar New Year, Overwatch Anniversary, and Summer Games. This has many scratching their heads as to why one of the most popular heroes in the game hasn’t gotten a more festive look.

“This upsets me alot. She didnt even get any voicelines or sprays or anything. Other heroes are sitting on two Winter Wonderland skins and Halloween skins and she gets nothing,” posted one Reddit user, inspiring other Overwatch fans to vent similar frustrations. 

Genji, D.Va fans frustrated with Winter Wonderland 2019

Some fans pointed out that while D.Va may not have many legendary skins from events, she has three non-event legendary skins. This is more legendary skins than most heroes get, including Genji, who has also never received a skin for Halloween or Winter Wonderland. 

Still, other Overwatch players agreed and pointed out that some heroes seem to get an abundance of skins while others are left with very little. 

“Was also having high hopes for a snowball Hammond, but I guess McCree needed his billionth event skin,” one player commented. 

Another Reddit user responded that McCree now has a legendary skin for every event, meaning he likely won’t be getting any more. But another joked that McCree doesn’t have an epic tier skin for each event, meaning Blizzard may continue to make skins for McCree each event anyway. 

Alongside McCree, Mercy and Mei also seem to be favorites with Blizzard when it comes to making new cosmetics. 

Overwatch fans also took the time to discuss their ideas for seasonal skins. One player said Orisa dressed as a reindeer was a “no brainer,” while others noted that candy cane shurikens would be a fun holiday surprise for Genji fans. 

“Welcome to being a Zarya main,” another Reddit user added.