Project L Ekko vs. Darius

These are all of Project L’s confirmed playable characters

By Steven Rondina


Aug 10, 2022

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Project L has a number of League of Legends champions that have already been confirmed as playable characters for the upcoming fighting game.

The idea of a League of Legends fighting game has been floating around for several years now, but details have only slipped out on rare occasions. There’s still visible forward progress when it comes to Project L, including with the number of champions that will be playable fighters in the game.

While Project L was first confirmed in 2019 and was later shown off in the 10th-anniversary event for Riot Games that revealed other LoL spin-offs and tactical shooter Valorant. Fans have only seen a few trailers in the years since. Gameplay details are sparse, a release date remains uncertain, and the monetization format for the game isn’t certain beyond it being initially free-to-play. The one thing fans can really look forward to is that the game will feature some familiar faces, including some of the most popular LoL champions. Here’s who is set to be included.

All League of Legends champions coming to Project L as playable characters

There are over 140 League of Legends champions as of this writing and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not all of them will be included in Project L at launch. Only a handful of champions were shown in the game in early footage of the game, and few have been added since. That said, there are already a number of characters worth getting excited about. Here’s who is on tap:

Ahri in Project L


Ahri is one of League of Legends’ most iconic characters and Riot Games finds a way to include her in basically everything it creates related to the game. It’s no surprise that she found her way into Project L. Early build footage showed Ahri in a battle with Darius, hitting him with a projectile. Later builds showed her having a high-flying style that allowed for launches and damaging aerial combos.


Speaking of Darius, the bruising top laner is also coming to the League of Legends fighting game. He was matched against Ahri more often than not, largely because they seem to have contrasting fighting styles. While Ahri is quick and comfortable in the air, Darius is more grounded with a hard-hitting style built around bouncing opponents off walls and then spiking them back down.

Jinx in Project L


Though Darius and Ahri have been prominently featured in trailers and promotional materials, they weren’t the first characters to be shown in action. The first actual gameplay footage for Project L was a match between Jinx and Katarina. As one would expect from a character that keeps firearms all over her person, Jinx looks to be a long-range specialist. While she was originally shown in a style akin to her default LoL skin, more recent trailers have shown her in an outfit more similar to the one she wore in popular animated series Arcane.


Katarina was shown in action very briefly in the initial Project L reveal, with both a quick dash and the ability to flash forward and attack. Unlike the actual champion from LoL, Katarina doesn’t seem to be reliant on placing daggers for these abilities. Little more is known about what she’ll bring to the game.

Ekko in Project L


Ekko was confirmed as part of an update during the RiotX Arcane event. The character’s ultimate in League of Legends sees him leave an afterimage of himself, with the ability to move back in time to that afterimage. That mechanic is going to be Ekko’s specialty in the fighting game, and it’s easy to imagine how that ability can be used to set up combos or escape punishment after whiffing attacks.


Ahead of Evo 2022, Riot Games gave fans an update regarding the game and showed off a bit more gameplay footage. Part of that was announcing that Illaoi would be included in Project L as one of the game’s playable characters. No new gameplay footage has yet been shown, but concept art suggests she will be a hard-hitting fighter that has tools for short, mid, and long-range battles.


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