Apex Legends map

These are all of Apex Legends’ Arenas and battle royale maps

By Olivia Richman


Apr 15, 2022

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Apex Legends has been steadily growing not just in terms of popularity, but in terms of its content. From new game modes to new legends, Apex Legends continues to bring exciting additions to its winning formula. An often overlooked part of Apex Legends is the abundance of dynamic and vibrant maps.

Here’s a closer look at all of the maps in Apex Legends, including in both Arenas and the classic battle royale modes.

Arenas maps in Apex Legends

Drop Off

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Located on Psamathe, this map takes place in the tallest building in Malta. While it appears quite futuristic, it has an exposed rooftop due to its incredible height. This has made the location the perfect spot for intense Arena matches, held under smoggy skies amongst the neon lights.

Storm Point

This Arenas map takes place on a very small island that’s become known as a Leviathan breeding ground. It became known as Habitat 4 and was used to study the dangerous species’ behavior. Over 100 years later, the research groups are gone but the deadly creatures remain.


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This is a location on Boreas, made famous by Seer. Once treated as “cursed outcast,” Seer started gaining a cult following and was able to transform the location to reflect his style. People would come from all over to watch him compete.


Overflow is a nickname given to Hephaestus Station, an automated processing rig used by Hammon Robotics to mine the magma flows on Talos. There was no human activity here, but it soon caught the attention of Arenas organizers due to its spacious platforms and dangerous elements. It’s now a chaotic battle site for legends even though mining still happens.

Party Crasher

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Mirage discovered this once empty location and has since used it to host Arenas matches as a way to pay his debts. The city used to be thriving and lively, with clubs, casinos, and other questionable establishments. While it’s no longer used as a downtown hub, its bright neon lights and other design elements remind legends of what the town used to be.

Phase Runner

This area on Olympus was once home to a scientific community that was testing high-tech equipment, including the teleporters that can be used on either side of the map. Those are the Phase Runners. While the site is abandoned, the prototypes still work.

Battle royale maps in Apex Legends

Kings Canyon

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This is the OG battle royale map of Apex Legends. It’s a simple settlement transformed into a bloody battlefield. This island was once used as a hub for research and development, which is why there’s an airbase, water treatment plant, and other sciency spots to discover. These locations used to supply jobs to settlers but are now used for the gladiator-esque sport of Apex Games inspired by the Thunderdome that was already built long before.

World’s Edge

Located on a planet once thought to be uninhabitable, this area of Talos was once just a stripsmall settlements. Scientists uncovered a rare mineral compound, transforming it into a facility called “New Dawn.” Decades ago, a flash freeze from an explosion left World’s Edge abandoned except for a small group of hunters. It later became the second home of the Apex Games as well as an operational center for Hammon Robotics.


Olympus was once a utopia floating above Psamathe. The brightest scientists and inventors gathered at Olympus to create new scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately, an accident at one of the facilities created the Phase Rift, causing the location to become abandoned. Hammond Robotics stepped in to make Olympus the next location for the Apex Games.

Later on, a ship brought a deadly virus to Olympus that was later cured by the Medusa Vines. While seen as a tragedy, this created an extra location for the legends to duke it out.

Storm Point

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This now-deserted island was once a beautiful paradise with plentiful resources and the occasional tropical storm. The city was left with energy needs that were solved by power-generating storm catchers on Storm Point nearby. Ever since IMC left, the storm catchers have been abandoned. It became the perfect location for the Apex Games as an eerily beautiful location plagued by dangerous weather.


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