Who is Newcastle in Apex Legends

Who is Newcastle in Apex Legend? New legend teasers and lore revealed

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Several upcoming Apex Legends characters have come to light following a massive leak, but Newcastle may arrive as soon as Season 13. 

Apex Legends’ next season is on the horizon, and players are gearing up to enjoy the new content, including a new legend. Respawn has already dropped numerous teasers across the outlands, pointing at Newcastle as the next legend. However, players may not have to rely on in-game clues this time. A massive leak has revealed the entire kit of upcoming character. 

In March, a sizeable folder revealed a years-worth of Apex Legends content, including upcoming legends, heirlooms, map updates, and more. But players have their sights on a particular character. Who is Newcastle in Apex Legends

Is Newcastle the upcoming Apex legend? 

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According to the clues dropped in the game, Newcastle is most likely the next Apex legend. Out of all the leaked kits, Newcastle’s was the most complete and polished, confirming that he may be ready to enter the roster. 

Recently, players discovered several clues in the game, hinting that Newcastle will arrive in Season 13. A new banner has appeared in the control mode that features a mysterious character’s silhouette with “the wait is over, he’s here” sprawled across. This poster is likely for the upcoming legend, rumored to be Newcastle. 

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Respawn has dropped plenty of clues in the control mode, but players are most excited about the new legend since there have been so many teasers for him. Newcastle was first revealed two years ago in Season 3 as the runner-up to Forge to join the games. If the leaks and clues are accurate, Newcastle should join the roster as the most-anticipated legend in Apex Legends Season 13. 

Is Newcastle Bangalore’s brother? 

Previous leaks and lore also suggest that this mystery character may be Bangalore’s brother. 


Apex Legends previously introduced a Bangalore-focused Apex Chronicle dubbed Jackson Bow Challenge story event. The Korean version of this event includes the name Newcastle despite Bangalore referring to her brother as Jackson. It’s worth noting that the profile of this mystery character looks a lot like Bangalore’s brother in Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron. The silhouette is wearing armor similar to Lt. Jackson Williams, who went missing during a battle. 

These are speculations for now and should be taken with a grain of salt. The new legend may arrive with a different name or backstory. It remains to be seen if Bangalore’s brother is still MIA or will join Apex forces in Season 13.