These 3 grenades will let you take over Train’s B bomb site

By Nick Johnson


Feb 8, 2021

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When Valve opened the skybox on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s map Train, they opened the door for some clever grenades.

Train isn’t played often by CSGO’s casual crowd, but players who get a hang of the map’s basic smokes usually grow to like it. It’s even easier for players to get into Train today than it was a year ago, with the map’s skybox wide open and ready for grenades.

Three simple grenades to take B Site on CSGO’s Train

Train is a map where players have to know their grenades, but luckily the map has more than a few easy lineups for all four of CSGO’s grenades. HE grenades are situational, but most of them can be thrown from these lineups. Flashes and smokes are essential and players have won a ton of games with post-plant molotovs.

Train’s B Site Catwalk Smoke

Taking B is a player favorite, but this smoke is essential if the attacking team wants to come out of the upper doorway. Players can go to the end of brown halls, line up along the close wall with the window frame, aim at the corner, and left-click.

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This smoke grenade blocks off the common AWPing angles at the end of catwalk and back train near CT spawn, and provides decent cover from any CTs in Z.

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Train’s easiest post-plant molotov for B Site

Knowing Train’s classic post-plant molotov is also an essential part of Train. It’s thrown from the same spot as the smoke, but this time players aim at the door and run-throw. The molotov will bounce off of the catwalk door and set the default planting spot ablaze.

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CSGO’s molotovs last for seven seconds, which is an incredibly long time when it takes just 40 seconds for the bomb to detonate. Players can follow up the molotov with a flashbang thrown with the same lineup if they want to peek. That said…

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Blind players holding ramp with this easy Train popflash

Some CT players like to hold the bottom of the ramp aggressively, so knowing a good popflash for the B site can be a game-changer. Jump across the ramp to the middle of brown halls, make sure to aim to the right of the ramp cubby, and left-click. 

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The flash will blind anyone holding close ramp or from behind the site’s first blue train. It won’t catch an AWPer that’s holding the ramp from Z, but players can try this clever smoke from the top of ladder to block off the position.

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Here’s a Z smoke on Train that’s a perfect fake

Stand on top of this brick seam in the center of the doorway to brown halls and aim underneath and right of the window divider. Crouch and then left-click.

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This smoke will block off anyone rotating in from the A site, as well as anyone in the Z entrance to B. This smoke is also great for fakes if players are with friends.

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How to molotov top ladder on Train

Finally, there’s a molotov that CTs can throw from the A bombsite train into the top of the ladder. It’s a risk to throw, but this molotov can stop a rush dead in its tracks. It’s especially useful if players have a teammate underneath listening for any footsteps.

Line up on the left rail, put the far hook inside the close hook, run forward and jump-throw. The molotov gets the entire top of the brown halls stairs, and players can simply aim slightly to the right to get the kitchen side of ladder as well.

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Train is a tough map to crack thanks to its long sightlines, but a few grenades can make all the difference. Unless you’re Neymar, of course. The football superstar lets his opponents outplay themselves.


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