Watch Neymar show his CSGO mastery by outsmarting his opponents

By Nick Johnson


Oct 30, 2020

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Brazil’s passion for both Counter-Strike and football are unmatched, especially when the two cross over thanks to Neymar de Silva Santos, a professional soccer player and avid CSGO fan.

The Brazilian football star is well-known for his ability on the pitch, and for the past several years he’s also become a virtual superstar in CSGO, often streaming his matches to thousands of football fans on Twitch. He’s nabbed clip-worthy aces for several years, but earlier this week he managed a clutch without even firing a bullet. 

Down 11-14 on Train, Neymar was in a three-versus-one on Train. He’d gotten the bomb down on the B site and was waiting for the CT retake to come through. When he heard the tap come in, Neymar hopped lower and decimated the two CT players on the defuse.

When the CT prefired the upper ramp, he broke the first rule of a one versus one: If the enemy doesn’t know where you’re coming from, don’t let the enemy have that information for free.

Knowing that the CT was coming through brown halls, Neymar had two options. Instead of taking the fight, Neymar tiptoed around the corner, hopped on the upper ladder, and prayed that his opponent was playing in 4:3 or was completely blind.

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Neymar’s patience and CT silliness wins him the round

With the bomb timer below 10 seconds, the CT rushed right past Neymar without seeing him and made a hilarious error in a desperate attempt to hop on the defuse. Instead of falling from upper, the player jumped. Falling straight off the catwalk only causes nine points of damage, but the extra height from jumping off turns that nine into a massive 26 points.

There are four ways to get from upper to B’s bomb site, and jumping is the worst of them. Falling from upper to the site inflicts nine damage, but jumping from upper to the site causes a massive 26 points of damage, and that can make all the difference. The CT cratered, giving Neymar the easiest one versus one a CSGO player can get. Everyone’s done it, but for the CT, he did it live on stream. 

Every CSGO player has done that before, and they all know how bad it feels. With Neymar’s position, the CT wouldn’t have won even if he hadn’t cratered, but it just goes to show you that even small differences can have a huge impact on the round.

With Neymar grabbing four kills on the round and winning a one-versus-three, he might be the only player that could go pro in two sports at once. Some teams would be lucky to have him.


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