Cypher bug on Ascent

There’s no counter to this OP Cypher wallhack bug on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Cypher may not be the flashiest agent on the roster, but he can be super sneaky with his kit. This new Cypher bug on Ascent allows him heavy intel by unfair means.

The spy-like agent has a complicated toolkit capable of locking down an entire map, making him an overpowered detective in some situations. Cypher’s strength isn’t about firepower, so he becomes useless if his kit isn’t used correctly. That may sound unappealing to some, but he is extremely rewarding for those who can make the most out of his cameras. 

A brand new Cypher bug on Ascent is unlike anything players have seen before. It’s foolproof and can lock up round wins every single time. 

Cypher bug on Ascent

Cypher bug on Ascent punishes defenders 

Cypher’s unique camera allows him to keep an eye on the Spike from safety. It’s an intended feature but an oversight on Ascent allows him to essentially do a wall hack, that leaves defenders helpless against his deadly gadget. 

In this new bug, Cypher’s camera becomes utterly indestructible yet fully functional. It will continue to tag enemies skulking around the Spike, forcing them away from the bomb. The worst part is that teammates can spam-kill tagged enemies, making Spike defusal nearly impossible. The only counter? Kill Cypher before you dare enter the site. That’s impossible with proper coordination, though.

For this new Cypher camera bug on Ascent, the agent attaches his camera to an out-of-bounds area. From here, the camera gets a clear view of the Spike from underneath the map. The broken spot lets Cypher watch the Spike go up and can tag the lower body of a defender. Once the agent is exposed, teammates can spam shots through walls and hope for a kill. 

It’s a game-breaking bug that needs an instant fix. So far, a few players have exploited it as Cypher isn’t a highly picked sentinel in the current act, thanks to Chamber’s viability. This particular bug may tempt toxic players to run him on Ascent. 

How to use Cypher’s ult in Valorant 

As evident from the name, Neural Theft steals the memory of a dead enemy to expose their teammates. All enemies are revealed on the radar with the help of Cypher’s magic hat. Enemies appear on the radar for a few seconds. Be quick to read the map thoroughly and plan your strategy from there.