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There are pay-to-win CSGO agent skins, here are the best

by | Sep 12, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a well-developed shooter, but it’s not perfect even a decade after release. A fan delved into the game’s files and discovered that some CSGO agent skins offer a pay-to-win advantage based on the size of their heads. 

CSGO has been out for 10 years now, as Valve continues to roll out updates. However, some bugs and glitches are as old as the game itself. Part of the reason the developer doesn’t bother with these long-standing bugs is their negligibility. Most have learned to work around minor glitches, but some keen players still leverage them on occasion. The player model disparity in CSGO is an excellent example of long-standing yet relatively minor bugs. 

A deep dive into the CSGO code by Ansimist has revealed that not all CSGO player models are built equally. The slight difference in hitboxes isn’t precisely game-breaking, but it sure can help those who are aware of the disparity. 

Fan finds some CSGO agent skins are pay-to-win, while others are pay-to-lose

Aim placement is the bread and butter of a highly competitive game like CSGO. Even those with crisp aim sometimes find themselves whiffing otherwise simple shots. It’s possible that CSGO’s imbalanced hitboxes are to be blamed, according to Ansimist’s find. 

SAS CSGO character

The player has accumulated data on imbalanced player models. According to the data some CT models, especially the SAS models used on Mirage and Inferno, have bigger shoulders and heads. The hitbox of Professional terrorist models is 16.75%, making them most difficult to shoot at. The Professionals line of characters includes the Sir Bloody Darryl line of skins, the default terrorists from Vertigo, and more. Comparatively, the smallest hitboxes on the CT-side are the FBI models from Vertigo, Nuke, and Office with a 10.32% design disparity. 

This likely wasn’t intentional on Valve’s part as some of the default models are better than certain agent skins. Regardless, the fact that certain models are easier to headshot is a significant difference.

Those who would rather not delve into numbers can see a visual example in a video shared by Ansimist. The headshots in both models vary despite the same aim placement, proving that models aren’t precisely equal. 

What’s the best agent skin in CSGO? 

The best agent skins to use in CSGO are the Professionals on the T side, and the FBI on the CT side. Though the individual skins vary greatly, each one in the line has a functionally identical hitbox.

While casual players may not benefit from this information, dedicated CSGO players can tweak their skins to gain an advantage. On T-side, Guerrillas and Elite Crew tend to have bigger heads and shoulders, so they aren’t the best agents to play. The difference is still quite small, but ideally it could be a difference-maker in very specific circumstances.

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