CSGO wallhack bug

Game-breaking CSGO wallhack bug exposes enemies in dense smoke

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Smokes are no longer a safe hideout. This new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wallhack bug provides a clear view of the enemy.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are no stranger to wild bugs and exploits, but this one is game-breaking. Smokes have been at the center of many glitches in the past, and this new exploit carries the tradition. Broken smoke on Dust 2 is causing mayhem as it provides an edge to one side with unfair information.

A player named Enviuza highlighted this glitch, which was later confirmed as replicable by many others.

In this particular bug, a smoke placed at an elevated angle leaves one angle open. The grenade tosser can exploit this angle to shoot down whoever is close to the smoke. For example, if you’re picking a duel with an enemy towards A short and toss a smoke. The enemy would likely try to play around the blockage. You can clearly view the enemy’s lower body if you’re below the smoke.

This is a game-breaking bug that can be recreated easily. Those who weren’t aware tried out the CSGO wallhack bug in their own customs. These players were surprised when the bug worked on the first try. The enemy player model was visible clear as a day, ready to be shot down.

The only condition is that the smoke must be placed on a higher level. For example, on the balcony of Inferno’s A site, Dust 2’s short ledge, etc.

What’s the new CSGO smoke wallhack bug?

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Many players are using this exploit to throw off the enemy team. For example, players would pre-smoke an area and wait for the enemy to enter it. This creates a bait that the opponents would willingly walk in. For all these reasons, players consider this a game-breaking bug that needs to be patched up.

This isn’t the first time CSGO smokes are at the center of a massive exploit. The grenades have a history of triggering exploits and bugs that provide an edge to one side—for example, the map bug on Ancient swallows half the grenade. Valve has patched up most of these notable bugs, but players are worried about the latest one.

CSGO players want this exploit gone as soon as possible. Valve may roll out a hotfix as it seems easy to tackle for the developers. Until then, beware of stepping into odd-looking smokes tossed off by the enemies. It may be bait.