The top Dota 2 heroes dominating the meta in 7.35b

By William Davis


Jan 16, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

7.35b is a very fun patch. All the new toys added in the Frostivus update have finally found homes, from Khanda and Clinkz to Unwavering Condition and Medusa, the new balance patch has added a ton of new combos. However, when it comes to grinding out MMR, a few heroes have risen to the top of the win rate charts.

If you’re looking to build expertise on the meta and climb the ranked ladder this patch, here are the four best Dota 2 heroes to pick based on win rate in patch 7.35b.

Abbadon is owning the new meta

Core Abbadon has always been a rogue pick, but the recent changes to Curse of Avernus make him insanely strong. While support Abba is still viable, he’s found a new role as a hyper-aggressive offlaner. The combination of Harpoon and Manta Style let him proc Curse almost instantly.

His lane is still somewhat mediocre, especially into ranged heroes, but the hero’s incredible offensive and defensive utility make him impossible to ignore in team fights. He’s also a great counter to some other heroes on this list thanks to Aghanim’s Scepter, which can put a stop to most teamfight wombo combos.

Arc Warden is one of the best mid heroes of 7.35b

Arc Warden is a polarizing character, and many players hate seeing him on either their or the enemy’s team. However, the hero’s extreme versatility and high-impact spells have given him the most success of any mid laner in this patch. He can be played as a carry or mid with both roles seeing success in pro play. Arc has a 55.45% win rate according to Dotabuff, putting him just below Abbadon.

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Pro players are reverting to the original physical build, going Midas into Maelstrom before stacking damage and utility with items like Bloodthorn, Gleipnir, Silver Edge, and Nullifier. The hero’s sheer damage output is incredibly strong, and it plays into his ability to split push. Arc Warden isn’t the easiest hero to pick up and play, but the rewards are well worth it.

Outworld Destroyer will ruin the enemy mid’s day

The lane is more important than ever for mid, and few heroes can boast the insane matchup spread that Outworld Destroyer has enjoyed for years. Nearly every other popular pick has a terrible time into OD thanks to Astral Imprisonment and Arcane Orb. Add in his insane scaling and ability to secure Roshan and the hero is just a nightmare.

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The biggest adjustment for the patch is swapping Meteor Hammer for Witch Blade. Parasma is perfect for OD, as the item vastly increases his effective damage output with just a little bit of attack speed. He does trade the ability to pressure towers, but that’s his only drawback as a mid. Dotabuff tracks a 53.53% win rate for the hero in this patch.

Every support wants what Oracle has

Support players often have a hard time finding heroes to grind out. Complex kits aren’t too common, but Oracle provides almost everything you could ever want from a support with a challenging but rewarding kit. In 7.33, Fate’s Edict was changed to no longer disarm allies, removing the most testing part of his kit. Now Oracle is much easier to play, as his 53.02% win rate is proof.

Oracle’s kit includes an area-of-effect root, a powerful nuke, a wave push tool, a disarm, a magic immunity buff, and the very best save in the game with False Promise. He’s also arguably the best Solar Crest user in the game. Oracle can completely warp the game, forcing the enemy team to deal with him before kicking off any gank or team fight. All of these combined factors make him one of the best support heroes to spam in 7.35b, assuming you can handle the learning curve.