The Steam account with the most games only plays Dota 2

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 13, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

If most players had a Steam account with all games, they would probably jump from high-end title to AAA blockbuster all the time. Not this guy.

The public Steam account with the largest number of registered games on it has more than 33,000 titles in its library. However, it seems that the owner isn’t interested in any of them besides one. The most-played game on the account by far is Dota 2, with 83.32% of all playtime dedicated to Valve’s MOBA. Here’s info on this incredibly strange account and an estimate of how much he spent to acquire that insane library.

The account, currently nicknamed Sonix, owns 33,601 games and counting as of February 2023. That list includes several modern titles, but nearly all of the playtime is dedicated to free-to-play games. The leader by far is Dota 2, which has 6,089 registered hours. The MOBA is known for its incredible depth and eternal replayability, but you’d think having that many options would eventually draw one’s attention away.

Steam account with most games

Sonix is still regularly active on the account, occasionally adding friends or slowly increasing his Steam profile level. He seems to have a thing for Steam Sale trading cards, often collecting badges from older events. It’s not clear what drove Sonix to collect the most Steam games of any account on the platform, but he appears to be enjoying himself regardless.

While this account is listed for having the most total games on several websites, its possible that there is a private account with more games on it that those websites cannot access. It is also worth noting that there are some Steam accounts with every game on them by default. These are usually owned by Valve employees or someone very close to the company.

Coincidentally, a Steam account with nearly infinite games that only plays Dota 2 could also belong to Gabe Newell.

What did the Steam account with the most games cost?

According to Steamladder, the estimated cost of the Steam account with the most games is $334,245.65 USD. 

However, different sources provide different numbers. According to SteamDB’s account price calculator, Sonix owns about $465,301 worth of video games in current prices. However, between sales, bundles, and package deals, the account most likely cost much less than those numbers. SteamDB lists the lowest price for each game at $192,038.

In addition, there are several potential discrepancies between the value of the account and the amount of money spent on it. The owner most likely bought at least a few of those 33,000 games on sale, not to mention free or gifted games. The only one who knows for sure is Sonix, and only if they run financial accounting on their Steam account.

If you’re curious about what it would cost to purchase every single game on Steam with full DLC, there is, thankfully, a definitive answer. Developer cwang22 has a website that combs Steam daily and updates the combined price of all the content on the platform. As of early February 2023, buying literally everything on Steam would cost $834,406.83 in total. In exchange, your Steam library would balloon to more than 50,000 unique games.


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