A new overpowered boost has been discovered on Overpass

By Steven Rondina


Mar 26, 2022

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Overpass has a long history of overpowered boosts and now yet another one has been discovered.

The classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map has long given players ways to creatively take control of key areas. Though these often get patched out of the game as soon as they become popular, players keep finding new ways to get an advantage in innovative ways. 

The latest example is a boost on top of the door to connector. With three players working together, two players can be boosted up onto the door. The two players can then boost each other from there. A Reddit user showed off what this boost offers and how to pull it off:

This boost offers a clear, stable line of sight towards two common CT-side angles on the Overpass B bomb site. Players in this position can see anyone hiding behind the toxic barrels, which can help players clear their way through monster. It can also see all the way to the door of walkway and graffiti, giving players the ability to flush those angles out for any pushes to the actual site.

The kicker is that this is also a solid cheeky hiding spot to surprise players pushing through connector. For the T side, this ends up making for a very strong boost both offensively and defensively for repelling retakes. 

It’s not so powerful that players will be able to rely on it 100% of the time. Players at toxic and walkway have just as much of a sightline on that position as the boosted player does on them. But this is still guaranteed to catch players by surprise at least once.

Overpass boosts continue to be overpowered

This is far from the first powerful boost to pop up on Overpass. The most notorious among these is the one named for Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson, which was first publicly used at DreamHack Winter 2014 during his time with Fnatic. This was a pixel boost stemming from the CT spawn that gave a high sightline over water and around the connector entrance.

The OlofBoost inspired a number of successors, but these boosts aren’t the only wacky ones that have surfaced on Overpass. At the StarLadder Berlin Major, Astralis showed off an elaborate four-man boost outside of the T spawn based around the stairs to tunnel. This boost gave the T side an unobstructed line of sight to heaven.

A variety of other boosts have popped up giving players the ability to peak over walls and around props. These can sometimes be highly situational, but each one has a use.


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