The new Olaf rework lets his ultimate last forever

By Nicholas James


Apr 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games announced an incoming small-scale Olaf rework and it’s already available on the PBE. With the new rework, Freljordian berserker can remain in his powerful ultimate ability state forever. At least, in theory.

Riot has been increasing the number of smaller-scale reworks performed on champions in League of Legends, with tweaks to Ahri making her suddenly playable even at the pro level after years of mediocrity. A new Olaf rework is next set to reinvent the berserker, including the potential to keep his powerful ultimate going for a theoretically infinite amount of time.

Olaf reworks introduces infinite Ragnarok duration

Olaf’s ultimate, Ragnarok, is his most iconic and powerful ability. Olaf becomes immune to crowd control and gains a burst of movement speed as well as a boost to his offensive stats. The new version of Olaf includes the ability to extend its duration by auto-attacking or using Olaf’s E, with an uncapped potential duration.

Other changes include Olaf’s lifesteal from his W becoming a shield that scales with a percentage of his maximum health. These changes look to make playing Olaf feel more fair while maintaining some usefulness for him in the late-game stages.

Will Olaf changes amount to buffs?

Olaf eventually falls off as other champions become more powerful. Team fights become long enough that his ultimate can drop off and he’s suddenly much less useful. The PBE change looks to buff Olaf by making him better equipped to take on extended fights as the game progresses.

There’s no restriction to the duration extension, so Olaf can theoretically remain immune to crowd control for minutes at a time while farming in a lane and attacking towers. This could make for a whole new experience for teams dealing with a top lane Olaf that won’t be able to be crowd controlled until he dies so long as he finds ways to maintain his attacks.

The final tweak is adding an armor shred to Olaf’s axe, rewarding him even more for following up on landed axes to chain auto-attacks against his opponents. This wild new rework will look to go live with patch 12.7.


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