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The new NACL teams, from Disguised to EG

By Nicholas James


May 26, 2023

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After Riot Games made NACL participation optional for LCS organizations, fans have many new NACL teams to get acquainted with, here’s a full list.

Riot Games recently announced that LCS organizations would not have the mandatory duty to field a roster in the tier-two North American scene. As a result, all but three LCS teams have abandoned their Challengers efforts for the time being. This means lots of new teams joining the NACL, including a team competing under the banner of popular content creator Disguised Toast’s esports banner.

All the new NACL teams

The three teams that will be sticking around in the NACL after the requirement change are Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid Honda, and FlyQuest. These are all of the new organizations that will be taking to the stage to foster the next North American superstar talent:

  • AOE Gold
  • Cincinnati Fear
  • Disguised
  • Maryville University
  • Supernova
  • Team Fish Taco
  • Wildcard

The new rosters will compete over a six-week regular season. This will lead into a double-elimination bracket with LAN Finals at the Riot Games Arena, the location of the LCS, in Los Angeles. This has been the biggest shakeup to the tier-two scene in North America’s history. The two most notable newcomers to the roster the unacquainted are Maryville University and Disguised.

Maryville University is one of the most consistent collegiate teams, while Disguised is the organization founded and funded by popular influencer Disguised Toast. Disguised has been rapidly making a name in the esports scene, joining Most Esports, founded by content creator Moist Cr1itikal as a new vision for esports financial sustainability. This will be League of Legends’ first exposure to the new content creator-led organizations, and many eyes will be on Disguised as a possible new esports blueprint.

The NACL will resume play alongside LCS, barring a possible player’s strike.


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