Endeavor skin bundle

The new Endeavor skin bundle is perfectly minimal and sleek

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The brand new Valorant skin bundle Endeavor is here with a perfectly minimal design, featuring all primary weapons. 

Riot Games has rolled out plenty of skins collections in sharp colors recently. The last few lines like Gaia and Ace have featured colorful skin lines. The new bundle brings a dash of black of white, with a sleek design reminiscent of the classic kingdom collection. 

Credible leaker ValorMike has provided a first look at the new bundle dubbed Endeavor. 

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The Endeavour skin bundle is far different than the recent Team Ace collection. The brightly painted agent guns were a bust as players expected something unique like the Gaia’s Vengeance. Riot Games has now switched the color palette by rolling out a plain and simple Endeavour skin line. The new bundle would look stylish paired with agents like Omen, Pheonix, and Chamber.

The stark-white collection seems to be inspired by space and satellites. While black ascents on the white body make it look like any other Valorant skin, the pop of yellow sets it apart. All the guns have yellow parts attached to add a dash of color. The rest of the body is coated in the classic combination of black and white. This color scheme is quite similar to the Ego collection, one of the underrated Valorant bundles. 

So far, fans love the minimal aesthetic of the guns, but they may not be as popular as other collections once released. Endeavor skin bundle comes with no animation and special effects, two selling points of most Valorant skin. Unlike the hit bundle Gaia’s Vengeance, this select tier bundle has no variants, levels, or finishers.

The Endeavor skin bundle comes for: 

  • Ares
  • Ghost
  • Operator
  • Bulldog
  • Phantom

How much does the Endeavor skin bundle cost? 

The Endeavor skin bundle is priced at 2930 Valorant Points in the select tier. Each skin costs 875 VP, which is pretty cheap for Valorant skins.

When is the Endeavor skin bundle releasing?  

The Endeavor bundle would be released with Patch 4.05, an update that heavily nerfs Brimston’s Stim Beacon. The new patch isn’t a big one, but it sure would impact the game meta at a high level.