The Neeko rework lets her become jungle monsters

By Nicholas James


Apr 19, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The midscope update for League of Legends’ resident shapeshifter is getting some wild new abilities. Here’s what’s changing in the Neeko rework.

Neeko has long needed a rework in League of Legends, under-filling her fantasy of shapeshifting and ambushing enemies. Riot Games has finally published the new Neeko rework’s abilities on the Public Beta Environment, and it’s as crazy as promised. In previous conversations about Mid-Scope Updates, Riot Games said that Neeko would be able to turn into a variety of elements of Summoner’s Rift, and they weren’t lying.

Neeko rework abilities

The headline change in the Neeko rework is to her passive. Neeko’s passive previously only let her impersonate other champions on her team. Neeko can now adopt the form of all sorts of beings and trinkets on Summoner’s Rift. She can turn into jungle monsters, lane minions, jungle plants, wards, and traps like Teemo mushrooms. She can do this by channeling for two seconds.

Q – Blooming Burst: Neeko’s Q now deals more damage to monsters and less damage normally, but is still her key waveclear and harassment ability. Otherwise, it’s the exact same as before.

W – Shapesplitter: Neeko sends out a clone of herself as she turns invisible. With the new changes, Neeko can reactivate the ability to send the clone to a new location, making it possible to make it appear more realistic.

E – Tangle-Barbs: Neeko’s E remains untouched, and has had its damage slightly adjusted. You can expect the same as you did before from this ability.

R – Neeko’s R is basically the same as before, but it no longer shields her and is a much bigger AoE damage and displacement. This will be a key combination with her passive, allowing her to masquerade as a ward or similarly before dropping a huge ultimate while disguised.

Is Neeko getting a visual update?

While the rework on Neeko’s ability could entirely change her gameplay, the visuals stay the same. Even though Neeko was released back in 2018, she looks modern and fitting to the game, so reworking her model and all skins and splash arts wasn’t necessary this time around.

When is the Neeko rework coming to League?

Neeko’s rework is set to launch with patch 13.9. According to the patch schedule, that means players will be able to test the new abilities on live servers from May 3, 2023.


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