The most rare and expensive CSGO cases, from $50 to priceless

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins can get crazy expensive, but sometimes the most valuable part is the box a weapon skin comes in.

Vintage CSGO cases are exciting to open for the game’s fans. Many cases have a finite supply, so every opening is a countdown to the total extinction of a certain CSGO crate. The age of the crates can also have a major impact on their Steam Marketplace value.

If you want to drop thousands of dollars for a chance at expensive CSGO skins, look no further. These are the most expensive crates and capsules in CSGO history.

Original CSGO Weapon Case

Age is an important factor when appraising CSGO cases, so it should be no surprise that the very first CSGO case is also one of the most expensive. The original CSGO Weapon Case sells for $52.26 on the Steam community market. The original Arms Deal case is the most expensive CSGO weapon crate you can open with a key.

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The skins inside aren’t quite as flashy as the more recent additions to the game, but they capture an early CSGO feel that many players are nostalgic for. This case includes several fan-favorites including the M4A1-S | Dark Water and Desert Eagle | Hypnotic. Aside from the potential knife, the best drop from the CSGO Weapon Case is the AWP | Lightning Strike. A StatTrak Factory New one sells for $858. This case also contains the AK-47 | Case Hardened, the rarest pattern of which was part of a $780k CSGO skin deal.

Cobblestone Souvenir Cases

Souvenir cases are a fun incentive for CSGO fans to watch major tournaments. Every round, a few viewers get a map-specific CSGO case with guaranteed team stickers and an MVP autograph. All souvenir cases are expensive, but the Cobblestone cases start above $750.

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The AWP | Dragon Lore is the primary driving force for the case’s astronomical price. It took years for the first souvenir Dragon Lore to finally be opened. A souvenir Dragon Lore with a good autograph would be the crown jewel of any CSGO collection. Factory new models have sold for as much as $26,000. As Cobblestone is no longer played professionally, the price of souvenir Cobble cases may only go up.

Katowice 2014 Sticker Capsules

Rounding out our list is a CSGO loot crate that doesn’t give guns at all. Sticker capsules give players one-use stamps that can be applied to gun skins. The most expensive CSGO sticker capsule of all is from Katowice 2014. That collection includes logo stickers for many historic teams including Vox Eminor, Reason Gaming, and iBUYPOWER. Katowice 2014’s style is distinctly clean and easy to read compared to modern CSGO logo stickers.

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These capsules are valued so highly that absolutely none are up for sale on the Steam marketplace. One user has an open offer of $2,140 for a single challenger capsule with no takers. The most expensive roll is a holographic iBuyPower sticker, which has previously sold for over $15,297. The cost is attributed to iBuyPOWER’s controversial end, as most of the team’s players were permanently banned from major CSGO competitions by Valve for their role in a match-fixing scheme.


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