The most expensive CSGO skin went through at $780K

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 26, 2021

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While some players wait for steam sale throughout the year to update their cheap pistols, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has bought two of the most expensive skins for a whopping $780.000.

For the layman, it may be hard to believe that someone would squander $780K on a virtual cosmetic to bolster a weapon. However, CSGO players have seen many similar jaw-dropping transactions between elite players who could afford rare skins. Most recently, CSGO player Kirito revealed that the “largest transaction in the history of CSGO” has been made in a $780.000 deal.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is popular among the players for its cut-throat competitive value but its inseparable business aspect is hard to overlook.

The game has boasted a player base of millions, but some players know CSGO solely for its skin market, where in-game cosmetics get sold for exorbitant rates. A similar deal between two Chinese players is currently making the rounds, which is also presumed the biggest deal in the history of CSGO.

The deal of Ak-47 Case Hardened and the sniper rifle AWP Dragon Lore took place last weekend. The Dragon Lore belongs to the Cobblestone collection, which came out on 1st July 2014. The rare skin has been custom painted with a knotwork dragon, one of the unique skin to obtain due to the low drop rate. Souvenir dragon lore can only be obtained through packages that are dropped during MAJOR events.

While the ST MW AK #661 may not have a price tag as hefty as Dragon Lore, it’s still one of the most sought-after classified tier rifle skins. CSGO YouTuber Anomaly sold his Blue Gem Ak47 for 32000$ at the start of 2020, with zero stickers. However, the one displayed in Kirito’s trade has 4x 2014 Katowice Titan Holo stickers that add a lot of money to the value of the skin.

The CSGO fans who can only keep track of these princely trades now wait for $1 million to be cracked. While Kirito claims this is the largest deal in history, nothing is certain as many exchanges occur behind closed doors. This particular transaction was public, with money exchange taking place face to face.


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