The Moist Wrestling League is here to compete with WWE

By Olivia Richman


Mar 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber Charles “MoistCr1tiKaL” White is starting his own wrestling organization to compete with the WWE.

Moist is one of the most popular names in esports content. He is the owner of Moist Esports, an esports organization with a lot of winning teams. He also makes a lot of donations to various esports and streaming entities. He has grown a huge fanbase for his realness and unproblematic nature, earning him 12.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Most recently, Moist discussed the WWE and his plans to compete with his own organization, the Moist Wrestling League.

What did MoistCr1tiKaL say about the WWE?

In a recent YouTube video, Moist revealed that he was starting his own wrestling organization, the MWL.

Apparently, the Moist Wrestling League will be a blend of Attitude-Era wrestling and backyard wrestling, featuring local wrestlers from his area. Influencers would also be joining the fray. The MWL will also offer viewers “deep” storylines that will make the action even more dramatic.

If the MWL becomes successful, Moist said he plans to take it on the road.

So what made MoistCr1tiKaL want to start his own wrestling league? He explained that he missed Attitude-Era wrestling, something he “lived and breathed” as a kid. These iconic, old-school wrestling moments are something that Moist feels defines his childhood.

“It was such an impactful part of my childhood,” Moist said. “It wasn’t just WWE. Backyard wrestling, I was very big into. I would get bootleg VHS tapes of backyard wrestling matches. I’ve been wanting to recapture that magic. I’ve been watching the WWE and while I still like both of those, I felt there was something missing.”

Moist added that the WWE is in “huge trouble” because of the MWL coming to town.

How to watch the Moist Wrestling League

Moist has already filmed and aired the first episode of the match, which is between Chainsaw and Dow Jones. It’s now on Moist’s YouTube channel.

Moist acts as a commentator for the pilot episode, sporting an over-the-top cowboy hat. The made up backstories about the two wrestlers was also quite crazy, adding to the mayhem. Fans in the comments have applauded Moist for creating such an entertaining video that reminded them of their childhood and made them watch wrestling again.

Some also joked that the match was rigged.

This isn’t Moist’s first time dabbling in wrestling. Moist was a commentator for the Creator Clash, an influencer-filled boxing series. Other content creators have also taken advantage of the ever-popular entertainment genre, with Logan Paul competing in WWE matches.