MW3 hacker

The Modern Warfare 3 beta is full of cheaters

By Olivia Richman


Oct 8, 2023

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To the surprise of nobody, Modern Warfare 3 is already being infiltrated by cheaters and hackers.

Modern Warfare 3 is currently in an open beta exclusive to PlayStation. Ahead of the game’s launch next month, gamers on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 can try out the next Call of Duty game. While this should be exciting, it’s already become a bit cursed, thanks to those who have already figured out how to cheat in Modern Warfare 3.

Hackers are taking over MW3

The official Warzone account asked for players to share their “biggest complaints” about the beta to bring to the developer team. In response, a handful of players shared their concerns about cheaters.

One player showed a clip of someone hacking on PlayStation 5. Apparently, console players aren’t immune to hackers this time around.

In the clip, a player was eliminated by someone who clearly had a wall hack and aimbot. Right when the player became visible, they were immediately gunned down, making the interaction highly suspicious.

In response, players questioned how it was even possible to hack on the PlayStation.

“Bro, already? Come on…” one player wrote.

“B-b-but they said only PC can cheat,” another replied.

Added another: “Cheating always happens on all platforms. Just some are easier to obtain an upload onto.”

Cheating isn’t anything new in gaming, especially Call of Duty. But seeing hacks on PlayStation is a bit surprising. Still, it’s most likely due to the fact that the beta is exclusive to PlayStation, and hackers have no other option than to figure out how to use their cheats on a console for now.

The beta is coming to PC and Xbox on October 12, which will most likely bring about even more cheaters. We will have to see how the game’s anti-cheat kicks in at that point.


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