The Ivern midscope could give everybody his ability

By Nicholas James


May 5, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The Ivern midscope update has been confirmed, and it sounds like one of his most iconic mechanics might be given to every other champion in the game as a part of it.

Riot Games has been leaning more into midscope updates rather than full visual gameplay updates as of recently. Midscope updates are gameplay-focused modernizations for champions. This mostly affects champions who have core design issues or older champions that are lagging behind.

The next midscope update Riot Games is turning its gaze towards is Ivern. Ivern’s an incredibly niche champion who has fallen away from popularity. According to a Dev Talk video from Riot Games, current Ivern’s abilities could find a universal place in League of Legends.

Ivern midscope update would make buff sharing universal

One of Ivern’s current abilities that is perhaps his most iconic aspect is his ability to share the red and blue buffs with allies. After his first clear, Ivern leaves another copy of the jungler monster’s buff for an ally to pick up.

According to a Dev Talk video with developers Riot Brightmoon and Riot Meddler, it could become universal. Riot is planning to drop the Ivern midscope update around the midseason patch. At the same time, Ivern’s mechanic of sharing buffs could be something that happens in every game, no matter who takes the buff.

Ivern’s small-scale rework is meant to emphasize Daisy as a core part of his gameplay. This could see her being moved from his ultimate to a constant companion.

There’s no real clarification on exactly what the midscope update will mean for LoL’s resident Ent, but it seems like Riot wants to make him less niche.’, but it seems like Riot wants to make him less niche.


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