The International battle pass briefly features offensive name

By Milo Webb


Jul 18, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

It isn’t uncommon for esports players to have odd nicknames, but one Dota 2 pro might be taking things a bit too far.

A Reddit user recently uploaded a screenshot to the Dota 2 subreddit featuring an opened TI player card which included one of Infamous’ latest additions to their roster, “k1 el cacha viejas de 26.” This roughly translates to “k1 the 26 year old women fucker.”

Many other users were left befuddled by the explicit name appearing on the fantasy team card. Very few had actually heard the Peruvian player’s full nickname. Most know him as Hector “K1” Rodriguez, which is how casters have been referring to him. Valve was quick to remove Rodriguez’s inappropriately titled alias from the compendium, but its existence remains documented through the popular Reddit post.

K1 isn’t even the first member of his team to have a naming controversy. The team’s mid laner, Jean Pierre Gonzales, originally used a moniker named after Chris Brown, a heavily controversial singer-songwriter. Gonzales’ name later changed to “Chris Luck,” although many are still familiar with his former title.

Rodriguez and Gonzales are both new to the Infamous roster. They joined alongside Adrian Cespedes “Wisper” Doble, Elvis De la Cruz “Scofield” Peña, and Steven “Stinger” Vargas following the signing of Team Anvorgesa on July 1. This was brought on by the sudden abandonment of Infamous’ previous roster following their loss at the EPICENTER Major.

Team Anvorgesa was formed in late May and consisted mostly of former members of the since disbanded Majestic Esports. The team performed capably during the StarLadder Ukraine Minor where they took first in both open and closed South American qualifiers. The group ultimately landed in fourth place at the minor tournament. 

This attracted the attention of esports organization Infamous who signed the team soon afterwards. The new Infamous team took first place in the TI9 South America closed qualifiers, ensuring the group a spot at The International in Shanghai, China. 

It can be assumed that “k1 el cacha viejas de 26” will not be using his full official player name during the festivities.