The International 2022 battle pass bundle doesn’t offer second copy

By Kenneth Williams


Oct 13, 2022

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The International 2022 battle pass bundle has arrived in Dota 2, but longtime fans may notice the suspicious lack of a certain feature.

The battle pass bundle is a wonderful occasion for Dota 2 players on a budget, and the 2022 battle pass version is finally up for sale. However, the usually joyous return of the bundle is soured by another unpopular decision by Valve. Unfortunately for pro players, the lack of a second purchase option could further tamp down the already disappointing TI11 prize pool.

The battle pass bundle became available for purchase on October 12, 2022, three days before the start of the main event. The $30 bundle contains 120 battle pass levels, nine Immortal Treasure 1 chests, six Immortal Treasure 2 chests, six Collection chests, and six Ageless Heirlooms. The 120 levels alone usually cost $50.

the international 2022 battle pass bundle sale

The battle pass level sale is active from now until October 30, which roughly lines up with the main event of TI11. While a handy way to boost your battle pass, Dota 2 veterans may notice the distinct lack of a second purchase option. The most jaded among them will point out the negative potential effect on the Dota 2 pro scene.

Why did Valve remove second purchase from TI11 battle pass?

Unlike previous The International battle pass bundles, the 2022 edition can only be purchased once instead of twice. The most obvious reason for this change is that the battle pass is split up into two parts with the first half for TI11 and the second for Diretide.

However, they are both linked to the same battle pass with the same leveling system and treasures. After years of glitchy purchase abuse, Valve eventually elected to let all battle pass holders purchase two bundles per season. For this new system, it’s possible that Valve wants to save the second bundle until part two.

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While innocent at first glance, this decision will contribute to a startling low prize pool for The International 2022. After TI11, all of the proceeds from the battle pass will go directly to Valve with no cut for the esports scene. Naturally, some Valve decision-makers want to direct funds away from pro Dota 2 players and towards themselves. Based on prize pool increases 12 hours after the bundle’s release, 50% of players buying a second copy would have contributed approximately $180,000 more to the prize pool. The potential increase will only grow with time.

Compared to the previous year’s event, TI11’s prize pool has dropped by over $25 million. Even with this bump, the prize pool is not expected to exceed $16 million.


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