The Impact of Gambling Features on Video Games

By William Davis


Jun 27, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

As you probably know, gambling used to be a dynamic activity involving going to real casinos to play different games.

However, with technology development in the 1990s, more and more casinos became digital. Nowadays, there are countless online casinos that players worldwide can access on their computers and smartphones. 

In today’s world, gambling and video games are the main forms of virtual entertainment. The gaming industry offers several entertainment options, from traditional video game features to online gambling sites.

Although they focus on different areas of entertainment, there’s a connection between these forms of entertainment that many people do not realize. 

Gambling has had a massive influence on video games, and with this article, we hope to highlight how this connection will benefit you as a player. 

What is Gamblification? 

If we were to define this intriguing term, gamblification refers to the action of video games adopting elements and features that resemble gambling. These elements could be minor additions in games that aren’t mainly about gambling or main game mechanics that revolve around gambling. 

In other words, video games might have basic gambling options like card games or roulette as mini-games, which players can play in addition to the main game. There are also other features that video games adopt more and more every day, and we’re here to reveal them to you. So, stay tuned and continue reading!  

The Reward System 

Gamblers all around the world know that one of the most wanted benefits of playing at online casinos is getting promotional offers.

Actually, this is the main reason the gambling industry has been growing over the years. There are so many offers on the internet that players could be overwhelmed if there were no review platform to help them sort them out.

Slotscalendar is one of those review platforms that helps you find the best deal that aligns with your preferences, industry standards, and location rules. 

Many studies have proven that players of all kinds are more excited to join a platform when there is an incentive. Both the gambling and gaming industries use this technique to attract more users. 

The gaming culture adopted this method and started to use similar promotions, especially with multiplayer games.

Most times, these games offer rewards such as discounts on purchases with special promo codes or in-game rewards for completing simple tasks. There are also games in which players earn points just for playing every day. 

In-Game Incentives (Loot Boxes) 

Loot boxes are the real proof that the betting industry influences video game trends. This is an in-game feature that allows players to get random rewards, similar to the random number generator (RNG) software used in online casinos.

Usually, players have to spend real money or cryptocurrency to get these loot boxes, and what’s inside is completely random, determined by the software.

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In video games, these loot boxes include prizes like characters, new skins, weapons, and other items. Nowadays, more games have loot boxes due to their increasing popularity in the gaming industry.

Pay-To-Win Systems 

Pay-to-win (P2W) is a gaming feature that allows players to buy items or benefits that give them significant leverage over other players.

This system is similar to the VIP experience at online casinos. As part of the VIP program, the players get access to special incentives that regular players can’t get. Also, the VIP members are in for the larger bonus amount and other perks, depending on the brand’s offer.  

However, if you want to become a VIP, you should know that it will cost you. This means that you must make large deposits or earn a new status by being loyal and active over time. 

Live Gaming Experiences 

Live gaming has been an exclusive feature for online casinos to satisfy players who want more engaging experiences. It started as a massive movement, especially the players who participated in live tournaments through game lobbies and chat rooms on their computers. 

This idea of bringing players together is now available in video games as well, often encountered in multiplayer features. The games include lobbies and chatrooms to allow players to interact with each other, making the experience more immersive. 

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A similar experience applies to bingo chat rooms or game lobbies where players can connect and chat about their hobbies.

Similarly, in today’s video games, you can find like-minded gamers in specific game chat rooms and lobbies. This approach makes traditional gaming more social, and it’s a big trend that could keep growing in the future. 


At the end of our article, let’s sum up some of the main ideas. Although it sounds unreal, gamblification is a real phenomenon that slowly takes over video games as well. There are all sorts of features and improvements that might benefit you as a player.Some of them are reward systems, loot boxes, VIP programs, and live gaming integration. The impact of gambling on video games has been beneficial for both the industry and the player, and we hope to see better advancements in both industries in the future.