The fiery Battle Pass’ Queen of Pain Arcana has released

By Neslyn Apduhan


Jun 15, 2020

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The Queen of Pain Arcana parades Akasha in an all-new blazing look, complete with a fresh voice and other special effects.

Battle Pass owners have rejoiced as Valve released Eminence of the Ristul. The Queen of Pain’s Arcana features a new model, items, a loadout pedestal, and voice lines. It has customized animations, effects, and hero assets.

The exclusive item comes in two styles, the second being a blue and white theme. Fans can unlock the second style after tormenting 1,000 enemies with Sonic Waves in won matches.

The Eminence of the Ristul is available for Battle Pass owners who will reach level 445. It’s a hard climb to get there, and players can expect to need to spend real money in order to do so.

Valve also released an intriguing backstory for the exclusive item. In its lore, Akasha is well-known as the Queen of Pain in the mortal realm. The court of Ristul saw her differently though. For them, she was just the sister of B’Kor.

B’Kor rules the underworld with his allies Nevermore and Vrogros. Based on the comics, Nevermore is Shadow Fiend and Vrogros is Underlord. Although Valve might hint at B’Kor as a new hero, its future release is not a guarantee. Valve has introduced several possible new heroes in its previous comics.

Queen of Pain convinced Knogh, the exiled prince, to pass his power onto her so that she can take revenge. She intends to be a queen in both worlds. Knogh is a slave to mortal occultist and mage Vanessa. These two characters were not in Dota 2 as heroes, but they were already introduced in Valve’s struggling CCG Artifact.

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When Valve released the card game, the developer told fans they will reveal new heroes in Artifact before bringing them to the Dota 2 universe. These heroes might be the next newcomers on the battlefield of Dota 2.

TI10 Battle Pass features three Arcanas

Valve went all in on this year’s Battle Pass. There are a lot of new features such as Guilds, Battle Gauntlets, and Pause-Screen Playground. The two Personas and three Arcanas definitely took the cake.

Unlike previous compendiums, TI10 Battle Pass offers three exclusive Arcanas for players. Wraith King’s The One True King was made available first. This was followed by the release of Queen of Pain’s The Eminence of Ristul while Windranger’s Compass of the Rising Gale is still in the queue.

Io’s Benevolent Companion and Earthshaker’s Planetfall were the previous exclusive Arcanas rewarded to Battle Pass owners. These items will never be marketable, tradable, or giftable.

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Even as fans have celebrated the looks of the new arcanas, many have complained about the difficulties in reaching them. Players are all but gauranteed to have to purchase many levels with cash if they want to access the majority of the new Battle Pass rewards.