The CSGO map Vertigo was perfectly recreated in Minecraft

By Steven Rondina


Oct 17, 2019

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has some iconic maps and fans of the series have reimagined them in other games on many occasions in the past. This latest one arguably ranks among the best.

Guncolony has recreated Vertigo in the ever-popular game Minecraft.

The CSGO map was made to scale in the game, with amazing attention to detail. The full map was recreated and is instantly recognizable despite retaining the brightly colored and blocky look of Minecraft. Each of the areas mirrors its CSGO equivalent and even retains the same feel of the original.

It isn’t just the heavily trafficked areas that received this level of care, either. The map’s iconic crane towers overhead while cars can still be spotted on the ground below the 51-story building. The skyscraper is also surrounded by other buildings, perfectly retaining the look of the original.

Perhaps most impressively, the creators made sure to retain the important grenade spots of the map, allowing players to draw from their CSGO playbook when playing around in Minecraft.

This is a fun, unique twist on the age-old practice of bringing recognizable maps to life in other games. The map is available to play on the Guncolony Minecraft server.

CSGO maps recreated in Dota 2, Fortnite, and more


Any game that has a map editor will inevitably see players look to recreate their favorites from other games. With Counter-Strike maps being particularly close to the hearts of its fans, the game has found a backdoor into many of its competing titles.

One of the best and most creative examples of this is a mod that turns Dota 2 into CSGO. The user-made game mode takes players to Dust 2 for a top-down shooter that includes many of the utility and economy elements of CSGO.

Not all of them are user-made game modes, though. Fans have brought CSGO maps to life in games like Fortnite and Team Fortress 2, adding a brighter sheen to the levels than what is normally seen in CSGO.

And of course, sometimes artists don’t even need a game to work with. A 3D artist made a stunningly realistic version of Dust 2 in the Unreal Engine earlier this year.


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