Top-down Counter-Strike riff now playable as custom Dota 2 game mode

By Steven Rondina


Jul 21, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Ever play Dota 2 and wish it was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive instead? Well, that wish may soon be granted.

PolyStrike is a Dota 2 custom game mode that transforms the popular MOBA into a top-down shooter. The new perspective makes it look radically different from the first-person shooter, but the game draws heavily from CSGO including the same maps, weapons, and sound effects.

A trailer for the game was released by designer Mark Mocherad showing what’s in store for fans.

The trailer shows clips of gameplay from iconic Counter-Strike map Dust 2. The two teams run and gun across the map and utilize most of the weaponry from CSGO, including the SG-553, M249, and Desert Eagle. While the game’s visuals are undoubtedly different than those of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, core mechanics like weapon purchases and bomb plants make it clear what the designer is going for.

PolyStrike is still in an alpha stage with the game only featuring one map and missing several of CSGO’s weapons, but its potential is obvious. And it’s something both CSGO fans and Dota 2 fans get get excited about.

User-made game modes in Dota 2 have long offered the potential for unique experiences. The trouble is that the functionality has often been neglected by Valve, which has rendered custom games unplayable or buggy at various times.

This has largely been remedied in recent months, which helped facilitate the explosive popularity of Dota Auto Chess. Whether or not PolyStrike can come close to garnering the same attention, it’s certainly refreshing to see these custom game modes attract serious attention from creative minds.

So how can fans get in on the action? PolyStrike is still in an alpha stage of development, but those eager to try it out can gain early access by donating $3 monthly to the designer’s Patreon page. More information can be found on the game’s official website.