Counter-Strike 2 map Overpass

The biggest Overpass changes in the CS2 beta

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 19, 2023

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Overpass has gotten a massive makeover in CS2, and the changes aren’t limited to just the fancy lighting.

Being a CSGO fan without access to the limited beta right now is tough. You have to watch all the pros and content creators enjoy the new content without getting to dig into it yourself. However, Global Offensive grinders can get a good grasp of the changes from watching gameplay.

Notably, Overpass is the first overhauled map to appear in the CS2 beta. As outlined in the original reveal trailer, overhaul maps are entirely new, with no assets ported from their Source versions. These maps, which include both classic and throwbacks, have major gameplay changes as a result. Here are all the most notable ones we’ve found. 

The biggest changes to Overpass in CS2

The biggest area change is on Long A, which has gone from a worn-down walkway to a full street. The classic rocks are still there for daredevil CT holds, but there are now several street lamps and trash cans closer to the edge of the map. The ground shirts to wood closer to the site, allowing clearer audio cues for defenders. These adjustments will make it even trickier to attack, though it may open up some new ways to bounce utility around. 

Overpass long A changes CS2

Moving underground, the entire area is much brighter. It will be much easier to spot lurkers hiding in the shadows. The pipe boost of old is also completely gone, with no apparent way of getting up, even with a teammate. The new Source 2 lighting has a massive impact on other dark areas, with Heaven on B site also much more visible 

CS2 Overpass underground changes

Unfortunately, some of the more flavorful easter eggs on the map were removed in the transition. The ATMs near A site no longer dispense money when hit, and the club near T spawn no longer plays faint music when players get close.

While Valve has hyped up CS2 with major system changes, the first overhaul map is largely the same as before. There are no new routes to attack either site from, and the enhanced lighting will probably have the biggest impact on gameplay. Still, the visual changes give Overpass a completely new feel in CS2.


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