The best way to play the TI10 Fantasy Challenge game

By Steven Rondina


Sep 18, 2021

Reading time: 4 min

The International 2021 is quickly approaching and Dota 2 fans now have access to the TI10 Compendium. While there isn’t a battle pass attached to it, fans will have the chance to play the TI fantasy mini-game, make predictions, and set up a bracket with the chance to win some unique skins.

The first thing that’s available to players is the fantasy mini-game, but more than two years removed from The International 2019 it’s worth looking over it. Here’s how to play Dota 2’s The International fantasy game and how to make the most of your cards.

How to play The International fantasy game

The International 2021’s fantasy mini-game is similar to daily fantasy sports games for traditional sports such as football and basketball. Fans build a roster of pro players that are set to compete at The International and receive points based on their performance. Fans’ points are totaled up throughout the event and they receive prizes based on how they score relative to everyone else playing fantasy across the world.

Points are awarded based on a set of statistics that should be familiar to anyone that’s played Dota 2. Kills, stacked camps, and creep score are just a few of the many stats that can earn a fan points. Picking players that are likely to do well within these statistical categories is the key to getting as many points as possible.

While the scoring breakdown hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing, the list of statistics that are tracked in The International fantasy game includes:

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • GPM
  • Creep Score
  • First Blood
  • Tower Kills
  • Teamfight
  • Stuns
  • Roshan Kills
  • Runes Grabbed
  • Observer Wards Planted
  • Camps Stacked

Those who are playing the fantasy mini-game ought to set their lineup each day based on the matchups and schedule of each team. Not every player will play every day, so it’s important to slot in players that are actively competing each day.

How to earn more TI10 fantasy player cards

There are four different ways to earn TI10 fantasy player cards. Fans are given 10 card packs for free to start, and can win some more by either playing Dota 2 or paying cash for them more card packs.

Fans get their first 10 packs for free by activating the TI10 Compendium, which can be opened at any time. From there, fans can get one free pack per day by winning games of Dota 2, which gives players the chance to earn 31 packs by the time the event starts.

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On top of this are packs that can be purchased from the in-game store with real cash in one of two ways. Fans can buy packs themed after a specific team that is competing at The International 2021 for $0.49. These packs contain four cards of random players from any team with a guaranteed silver or gold card of a player from the team they selected.

Fans can also get bonus packs by buying supporters club bundles. A bronze supporter club bundle offers two card packs, silver bundles offer ten, and gold bundles offers 20. If players buy a supporter club bundle of a team competing at TI10, some of those packs will be team packs for that team.

The team receives half the proceeds from packs purchased in this way.

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Fans have the ability to turn cards into a currency called dust that can be used to purchase new packs. A bronze card can be recycled for one dust, a silver card can be recycled for two, and a gold card can be recycled for five. Fans can buy a new card pack for 15 dust as was the case before, and there’s also a new feature that allows fans to craft a specific pro player’s card for 30 dust.

How to get the most points in the TI10 fantasy game

The two most important things to do for getting the most points in the TI10 fantasy game are to get as many games in each day as possible and to avoid picking soft supports or offlaners.

“Getting as many games in each day as possible” might sound strange, but the reality is that teams play different numbers of matches each day during the event. During the group stage, teams can play anywhere from one to three matches each day. In the last two days of The International, one team has the chance to play two matches each day.

During the group stage, make sure to pick players that are set to play three matches per day where possible. During the playoffs, it’s wise to avoid players competing in best-of-one matches and to go all-in on teams that have the chance to play two series in one day, particularly on the grand finals day. This does require some predictive skills, but making the right calls will lead to big points.

Finally, there are three categories of players in the TI10 fantasy game: core, mid, and support. Core includes positions one and three, while support includes positions four and five. Mid players are at position two. Ones and fives have historically gotten more points than threes and fours.

This means that on most days, the best strategy is to pick two carries for the core role and two hard supports in the support role.