All the ways to get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go explained

By Melany Moncada


Oct 30, 2022

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Originally introduced in Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evolutions allow Pokemon to reach their final and stronger version. Mega Evolutions are possible in Pokemon Go, but to get there, players must first earn enough Mega Energy.

In a regular Pokemon game, the Mega Evolutions are possible using Mega stones. In Pokemon Go, trainers need Mega Energy and there are multiple ways to get this resource.

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The first way to get Mega Energy is by defeating a Mega-Evolved Pokemon in a Raid Battle. These battles are rare and the most difficult type. It required more than eight high-level players to complete one of these raids.

Completing research tasks is another way to get Mega Energy. One important detail to keep in mind is that Mega Energy is unique to a Pokemon. The resource is not generic, and it will indicate which Pokemon it can be used on when acquired. For example, Beedrill Mega Energy will show a Beedrill icon.

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How much Mega Energy is walking?

Walking with your buddy grants candies with a chance to grant additional Mega Energy as long as that Pokemon has been Mega Evolved already. Going back to the Mega Evolved Beedrill example, if players pick a Weedle as their buddy, walking with it could grant Mega Energy.

This method is not infallible and a lot of luck is needed to get it to work. Also, the reward might not be worth the effort. Walking with your buddy only grants one Mega Energy. To Mega Evolve a Pokemon, players need 25 or more depending on the exact species they wish to power up.

The good news is that you only need to Mega Evolve your Pokemon one time. After the first Mega Evolution, that Pokemon can be Mega Evolved without requiring energy. There is a cool down timer between Mega Evolutions that can last for days, so choose wisely when to use it.

Mega Evolutions can only be used in Raid Battles, Gym Battles, encounters with Team Go Rocket grunts, and battles against friends. Mega Evolutions cannot be used to defend Gyms.


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