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Pokemon Go Raid Battles, time, participation method, and more

By Melany Moncada


Oct 23, 2022

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Catching Pokemon and fighting Team Rocket grunts is fun, but no Pokemon Go experience is complete without Raid Battles.

Raid Battles happen when Boss Pokemon take over a Gym for 45 minutes. This is a great opportunity for trainers to get strong Pokemon in their teams. Depending on the level of the raid, the Boss will be a common Pokemon or Legendary.

What time do raids start in Pokemon Go?

Raid Battles can run at any time between 6:30 A.M and 9:30 P.M. Trainers have 45 minutes to defeat the Boss. During this time, trainers cannot contest the ownership of the gym, but they can spin the stop.

Players can find when the nearby raids start in the bottom right corner of the screen. The game also sends out notifications if the player enables them.

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How to participate in a Pokemon Go raid?

Once the egg hatches and the Boss has taken over the gym, players can select the Combat option in the gym. They will need to use a Raid Pass that will be returned to them once the Boss is defeated and they spin the stop again.

Trainers can only hold one free Raid Pass. There is Remote Raid and Premium Battle passes available in the store for 100 coins each. Trainers can have multiple premium passes in their bags.

Depending on the Boss’ level, a minimum number of players are necessary for the raid. A player above level 21 can take on a Tier 1 Raid Boss on their own. For the next tier, at least two players need to participate in the Raid. For tier 5 and Mega Raids, the team needs between four and eight high-level players.

EX Raids are available only in EX Gyms. These special Gyms will have extra special Raid Bosses and require the most players to join. In order to participate in an EX Raid, players must first complete a regular Raid at an EX Gym. After winning, they will get an invitation with the time and date for the EX Raid.


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