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The best ranged top laners in LoL

By Nicholas James


Mar 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Ranged top laners are considered a faux-pas for most players, who prefer the toe-to-toe brawling of tank and juggernaut matches. But if you insist on breaking that rule, here are the best ranged top laners in LoL.

Top tends to be the lane most commonly filled with tanks, juggernauts, and fighters of all kinds in League of Legends. The classic matchup of two brawly melees is what most top laners consider to be the default. However, ranged champions can severely bully these melee champions in the laning phase, and that’s where ranged top laners come in. Here are some of the best ranged characters to take into the top lane if you want to punish melee characters.

The best ranged top laners in LoL



Unlike some other ranged top laners, Quinn was designed to be a top laner. With tons of poke, a vault that knocks enemies back to keep her distance, and a roaming ultimate, she’s perfect at punishing melees. While your team will be down a tankier member for teamfights, Quinn can set her laner far behind before speeding all over the map come level six.


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Akshan is another Attack Damage-focused carry top laner with tons of potential to bully his opponent and roam. He has the unique Scoundrel mechanic, allowing him to revive allies if he gets a takedown on their killer. This, combined with his theoretically infinite stealth means he can sneak down to start fights or just avenge his mid laner or jungle with ease.


Vladimir is a hybrid mage with insane scaling capabilities. He can struggle in mid lane when facing other mages that are powerful early. In top lane, his sustain and range let him bully shorter-ranged top laners. Tanks’ and melees lack of laning power into his sustain means Vladimir can get a free pass. This lets him scale into a hyper-carry team fighter without any pressure.


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