The best move, item builds for Aegislash in Pokemon Unite

By Steven Rondina


Feb 19, 2022

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Aegislash is a unique Pokemon in the franchise that requires a different build than one would expect, and this hasn’t changed in Pokemon Unite.

First introduced in Pokemon X and Y and the first in a trio of new releases, Aegislash is built around its Stance Change ability. Stance Change sees Aegislash swap its offensive and defensive stats based on the attacks it uses. King’s Shield switches it to Shield Forme while offensive moves see it switch to its Sword Forme.

This mechanic is emulated with Aegislash in Pokemon Unite. The Pokemon has a dedicated move for its sword and for its shield. The sword-like Pokemon changes between an offensive and defensive stance based on the last one used.

So how should players build Aegislash in Pokemon Unite? Here’s the best setup and the ideal order of operations to make an impact without leaving yourself vulnerable.

Best moves for Aegislash in Pokemon Unite

Aegislash’s best move build in Pokemon Unite utilizes Iron Head and Sacred Sword. This pairing of moves gives Aegislash a combination of mobility and damage that lets it thrive in one-on-one situations and stick around in team fights. Here’s the full build order.

Shadow Sneak

Shadow Sneak is the preferred level-one move for Honedge. Though the move is very useful, Iron Defense isn’t ideal in the very early game due to its focus on defense. Shadow Sneak lets Honedge clear early neutrals and get early experience and points.

Sacred Sword

Sacred Sword is the preferred sword move for Aegislash. The attack itself is actually one of the most frustrating in all of Pokemon Unite, with a rigid hitbox that has no presence beyond the triangle shown when aiming it. It makes up for it with an attack boost after landing and a very good upgraded version at level 11 that adds +50 attack damage when it knocks an enemy up. This lets Aegislash scale into the late game much better than many other Pokemon.

Iron Head

The preferred shield move is Iron Head. Though this should technically be a sword move by mainline game logic, it serves as a potent defensive tool here. This allows Aegislash to dash and bash enemies, giving it damage resistance for a short time. This is a valuable and versatile option for initiation, chasing, and setting up big combinations.

Aegislash Unite Move

Aegislash’s Unite Move is Coup de Grace, which deals damage in a line starting from Aegislash. Its hitbox is a bit more generous than Sacred Sword and will reliably hit enemies that are on top of Aegislash.

The ideal combination for Aegislash is to initiate with a Sacred Sword, land boosted attacks, then use Iron Head to either finish enemies or disengage. With the proper items, Aegislash can blow up enemies and mix it up in the thick of team fights.

Best item build for Aegislash in Pokemon Unite

The best items for Aegislash include the following:

  • Razor Claw
  • Muscle Band
  • Focus Band
  • Eject Button

Razor Claw is a must-have for Aegislash. The Pokemon thrives on the ability to land attacks enemies after using abilities and this synergizes with Sacred Sword. Muscle Band amplifies this further, giving a damage boost to basic attacks. Finally, Focus Band gives Aegislash a much-needed boost in defense.

There are other options here including a Buddy Barrier and Float Stone. Buddy Barrier remains a very strong item on the whole for fighting around Zapdos, and is a viable alternative to a Focus Band. Float Stone gives a movement speed and attack boost that could replace Muscle Band. Razor Claw, Muscle Band, and Focus Band are the ideal item build for Aegislash in Pokemon Unite, but those who haven’t leveled up these items can do work with alternatives.

For the Battle Item, Eject Button is very strong on every Pokemon, but it’s particularly useful on Aegislash to let it close the distance more reliably on enemies after committing to an engagement or escaping if things go sideways. X Attack is also a very strong option that gives Aegislash a very good boost in one-on-one engagements that lets it do more damage, faster. Though Eject Button is a catch-all option, X Attack could be the right choice for players that have a good feel for the Pokemon.


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