Pokemon Unite Krookodile

Pokemon Unite teases 3 new Pokemon, but who are they?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 31, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Pokemon community has been given some hints about the next additions to the Pokemon Unite roster in February and March.

Ever since Pokemon Unite came out in July 2021, the MOBA has continued to add popular and obscure Pokemon alike to its ever-growing roster. Now, there are three new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite and The Pokemon Company has offered some telling hints about what’s coming soon.

What Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Unite?

A bulletin board with very mysterious posters was released by The Pokemon Company, showing three new Pokemon on the way.

The first Pokemon is an all-rounder, which means they can be expected to have a good balance of offense and endurance. All-rounder Pokemon can fit multiple roles depending on what’s needed. This poster belongs to Aegislash, who was discovered by leakers earlier this month. Aegislash has a damaging sword stance and defensive shield stance.

The attacker is still unknown but many are guessing Krookodile since the dual ground-dark type Pokemon from Black and White has similar eyes to the poster. Krookodile is the final form of Sandile, whose first evolution is Krokorok. Others wonder if it’s Arbok using Glare.

The support is even more mysterious. Some are thinking Abra due to the image, which resembles a teleporter. But so far, everything is just pure speculation.

Pokemon fans have even attempted to identify the characters in the blurry posters that are quickly flying away. Some people see Mew, some see Kabutops, while others see Mimikyu.

When are new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite?

No exact dates have been given for the mystery trio but the all-rounder and support are coming in February. The attacker is coming in March.

It’s possible that Aegislash is coming on February 14 alongside the upcoming season five battle pass.

Fans are most definitely excited for the roster additions but are wondering when another speedster will finally be revealed. There are currently only four speedsters in the game in Talonflame, Absol, Zeraora, and Gengar.