The best LoL Champions Queue streamers to watch for Worlds 2022

By Kenneth Williams


Sep 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Champions Queue is back and streamers have plenty of reason to showcase their gameplay before the start of Worlds 2022.

Champions Queue is meant to be a pros-only environment where the very best League of Legends players from all over the world battle it out. It succeeds as a Worlds training ground, but it also produces some of the highest-level gameplay of the year. If you’re looking for LoL streamers to check out during Champions Queue, we have you covered.

Not every League of Legends pro streams and those that do will have bigger things to worry about once Worlds season rolls around. Based on activity and professional status, here are three streamers to check out for Champions Queue gameplay.

Support players should check out Trymbi

Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus is normally a star support on Rogue, but fans in the know are aware that he’s also an active streamer. Trymbi helped win the LEC 2022 Summer Champion, earning a trip to Worlds and access to the most prestigious matchmaking pool in the world. 

Few pro players are active streamers, but luckily for fans, Trymbi will show off his top-tier support skills all throughout Champions Queue. Check his official Twitch account during the season to learn how to support like a pro. 

Watch top-tier jungle gameplay with Jankos 

Jungle is the most developed role in League of Legends and pro players often use tons of little tricks and efficient plays to get an edge over the opposition. Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski is no different, and his near-decade of experience makes him one of the best streamers to watch during Champions Queue.

While most Worlds participants will be entirely focused on the game, Jankos is one of the most involved streamers at the top level. He talks with chat and answers questions, though he may do so slightly less considering the competition. Check out his official stream once Champions Queue goes love to see some of the best jungling in the world.

Faker is the king of Champions Queue streamers

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok needs no introduction. The winningest player in esports is also an avid streamer, and Champions Queue is the perfect chance for him to hone his skills while entertaining his fans. As the mid-laner supreme, Faker is a great stream to watch for aspiring solo players.

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Faker hasn’t announced plans for Champions Queue streaming, but his personal channel should showcase some gameplay. If you’re going to watch Champions Queue, it makes sense to look for the highest-skill streamers. Even in the elite Worlds-only matchmaking pool, Faker is still the king.


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