The best Exotic weapons in Fortnite Most Wanted

By Nicholas James


Feb 27, 2023

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The Fortnite Most Wanted event has completely changed how Fortnite is played since it began, here are the best Exotic weapons during the event.

The Cold-Blooded Syndicate has hit Fortnite’s island, and they’ve set up vaults protected by bosses and mooks filled with huge rewards. As a part of this event, several new Heisted Exotic weapons have been introduced. Here are the Heisted exotic weapons that have impressed us the most during their time in the game. From mobility to utility to just plain old damage, these top-tier weapons offered a lot, and fans will certainly be missing them from their arsenals when they leave.

The best Exotic weapons in Fortnite Most Wanted

A new variety of Exotic weapons were added to Fortnite as a part of the Most Wanted event. These are Heisted weapons, which all have unique secondary effects in addition to their usual combat functions. Here are the three that have dominated the meta the most since their addition, and explanations on exactly why they’re just so good.

Fortnite Most Wanted exotic weapons

The Heisted Blink Submachine Gun is the most standout of all of the Heisted weapons. This Exotic weapon allows the player wielding it to gain the Zero Point Dash ability (three near-instant dashes that teleport you several meters ahead) after they successfully reload the weapon. This flexible mobility allows the wielder to make use of the SMG’s unique ability both offensively and defensively. The player doesn’t need to reload a clip either and can pop off a few shots at nothing simply for the ability to reload and teleport out of danger.

At the same time, players can reload the weapon and use the dashes to catch back up to a target who has sprinted away while they’re reloading. From repositioning mid-fight to gain cover to dodging incoming abilities like Deku Smashes or Shockwave Hammer hits, the Heisted Blink Submachine Gun is an absolute treasure that has shone as a premium piece of equipment.

Heisted Run N’ Gun Submachine Gun

The Heisted Run N’ Gun Submachine Gun is another mobility-based submachine gun that has excelled throughout the Fortnite Most Wanted event. While the player wielding it has the Heisted Run N’ Gun Submachine Gun selected, their sprint stamina does not go down from sprinting. This allows them to cross long distances easily without having to pace themselves and means you’re never likely to outrun someone with the Run N’ Gun unless you have other mobility tools.

The Run N’ Gun has the advantage of synergizing incredibly well with the Soaring Sprints Augment, which empowers the player’s jumps while sprinting. This combination lets the lucky player sprint about freely, soaring over obstacles and outpacing the competition.

Heisted Breacher Shotgun

The Heisted Breacher Shotgun is more simple in its efficacy. Sometimes there’s a wall in your way or a structure an enemy is using for cover, and you need it gone. The Breacher Shotgun deals enormous damage to structures and can help clear the way to escape or put rounds on enemies trying to slink away.

It’s not fancy, and it’s not even particularly difficult to use, but the Heisted Breacher Shotgun is undoubtedly wildly effective.


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