The best CSGO training maps on the Steam Workshop in 2022

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You can train to become the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player you can be with the help of the Steam Workshop and its many custom maps.

CSGO has an active group of map designers publishing their work on the Steam Workshop. Many of these maps are designed to help CSGO players improve their abilities and configure their most optimal settings. If you want to improve at CSGO quickly and for free, these CSGO training workshop maps are your best bet.

Best CSGO aim training maps

When it comes to honing your marksmanship, nothing can beat the classics. aim botz by uLLeticaL is the gold standard of CSGO training maps. The layout is robust with a ton of features.

The custom map was already advanced when it was first released in 2014, but seven years of polish have turned it into the perfect CSGO aim training tool. Bot movement settings, a metronome, an automatic timer, and more can help you polish your flicks and spray downs. The map also offers the aim_botz challenge, a community race to see who can score 100 bot kills the fastest.

If you want something a little easier to use, training_aim_csgo2 by .kataS is another excellent workshop map for practicing your aim in CSGO. Instead of bots, this map uses a wall of targets that can spawn at predetermined intervals. This training map also comes in a relaxing dark mode.

This might seem less useful than tapping player models, but training_aim_csgo2’s target wall gives it a distinct advantage. This map lets you practice your aim vertically as well as horizontally. Additionally, targets can be set to disappear after a brief moment. That feature makes this map ideal for practicing flicks with the AWP. A truly complete aim training session would likely use both of these CSGO training maps.

Best CSGO aim training courses

Aim labs are fun, but they can get repetitive after a while. Aim courses are an excellent alternative for practicing aim in CSGO. These maps offer a consistent path with enemy bots to shoot. The best CSGO aim training course to start with is Source savant uLLeticaL’s Aim Course Training Map

While not as robust as some more recent projects, Aim Course is the gold standard to which any CSGO aim training course is judged. The simple map features visible health bars, moving targets, and multiple opportunities to practice your movement. As for usability, this CSGO training course does require you to kill your own character to restart. The map hasn’t been updated since late 2014, but it’s difficult to improve upon it.

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If you want something a little more practical, try DC | DUST 2 | AIM COURSE by Dreazc0v. This aim course takes place on Dust 2, which will make it easier to transfer your aim training to a real CSGO match. The targets tend to be in common angles held by real opponents, so Dust 2 Aim Course is great for getting comfortable on the map.

If you like it, try out some of Dreazc0v’s other maps. The Danish map designer has created aim courses out of other maps including Ancient and Dust. They also have a few custom aim courses that are of very high quality.

Best CSGO crosshair and benchmark maps

All the practice in the world won’t help if your CSGO settings aren’t optimized. Luckily for the community, map designers have created several Steam Workshop CSGO maps for finding your ideal settings and crosshair. The best crosshair map for CSGO is probably Crosshair Generator v3 by crashz.

This map features nearly everything you could ask for when designing your CSGO crosshair. Almost every setting can be altered in-game. You can one-tap your way to a perfect CSGO crosshair on Generator v3. The map comes with a small customizable area for testing your new designs. Perhaps most importantly, Crosshair Generator v3 also has a massive board of pro player crosshairs to inspire you.

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If you want to configure your CSGO settings beyond the aiming reticle, check out Config Generator. This CSGO Workshop settings map is a joint effort between famous Workshop designers crashz and Misterio. This CSGO config map lets you adjust nearly every CSGO setting without having to deal with the massive menu or consoles. 

All changes made in this game immediately apply for you to sample. The HUD, radar, crosshair, and view model can all be changed in real-time. There’s even an option to enable binds for view model changes and jump-throwing grenades. Just like crashz’ Crosshair Generator, this map includes a sample list of CSGO configs ripped directly from professional players. The only thing this map can’t enable is black bars for certain display ratios, but the instructions for doing so are on the Config Generator’s Steam Workshop page.


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