CSGO players worldwide are racing to kill 100 bots in record time

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The fastest guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can take down 100 bots in less than 30 seconds. Can you?

The CSGO community is revisiting the aim_botz 100 kill challenge with the goal of setting a new world record. The goal is to score 100 kills on bots as quickly as possible. The aim_botz challenge record has been broken multiple times in the past week alone. This CSGO bot-killing challenge uses custom settings and a custom Steam Workshop map made by famed CSGO map creator uLLeticaL. 

The current record appears to be held by one-tap wizard and occasional streamer ArroW. He claims to have grinded for five days in order to break the record, killing 60,000 CSGO bots in the process. Those 600 attempts culminated in a blistering run of 28.437 seconds for 100 kills. That’s just over 210 kills per minute. ArroW used a Zowie EC1-B wired mouse to claim the latest aim_botz record.

ArroW’s run was prompted by another world record set less than a week before. CSGO aficionado truste reached an average of 203.98 kills per minute and finished with a time of 29.414 seconds.

The aim_botz challenge received heavy interest when it was first released in 2017. The challenge is a feature of the popular Workshop map aim_botz by uLLeticaL. aim_botz is primarily used as a customizable training game and was released in March of 2014. uLLeticaL has also made several other CSGO training maps including a recoil trainer and multiple aim courses, which have also become popular time trials.

How to set up CSGO 100 kills aim_botz challenge

The basic rules for the aim_botz 100 kills challenge are simple. Players must kill 100 respawning, unarmored opponents as quickly as possible. The time starts when the player activates the challenge and continues running until 100 kills are reached. Bodyshots, headshots, and collaterals are all counted.

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Download the aim_botz map and launch it from the Workshop section of the play menu. If the game prompts you to pick between custom and training, select custom. Go to the settings area and shoot the 90° option. Then shoot the large red arrow on the right to begin the aim_botz challenge. The time will automatically stop after 100 kills are reached.

The server tick rate, choice of weapon, and the number of bots seem to be up to interpretation. For ArroW’s aim_botz record-breaking run, he played on a 128-tick server using the M4A1-S with ten respawning bots.