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The 3 best Fortnite weapons in Chapter 4 Season 2

By Nicholas James


Mar 13, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A new season of Fortnite has arrived, and there are tons of new to use, here are the three best Fortnite weapons in Chapter 4, Season 2.

Epic Games loves to bring sweeping changes to its flagship battle royale game. This means tons of new weapons at the start of every season. The new Japanese cyberpunk-inspired Fortnite MEGA is no exception. Epic Games is bringing tons of new weapons to the game, along with a brand new zone. Here are the three best Fortnite weapons in Chapter 4, Season 2.

Best Fortnite weapons in Fortnite MEGA

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  • #1: Kinetic Blade: The Kinetic Blade is the single most influential weapon available at the start of 2023’s second season. The Kinetic blade is a mobility item, a high-damage melee weapon, and a displacement tool put together. As the Shockwave Hammer defined Season One, the Kinetic Blade will define Season Two.
  • #2: Havoc Shotgun: Some shotguns specialize at wide spreads for ease of hitting shots, while others lose accuracy for longer-range capabilities. The Havoc Shotgun specializes in one thing and one thing alone, putting down brutal amounts of damage at short ranges. Swapping to shotguns mid-fight is a big part of Fortnite, especially with the Kinetic Blade in the game. The Havoc will be an irreplaceable part of many players’ inventory.
  • #3: Overclocked Pulse Rifle: A Mythic item available through the new Cache event and MEGA City’s vault beneath the city’s eastern riverbank. This item is a highly accurate and versatile assault rifle with tons of damage. While it’s hard to acquire, it’s definitely one of the best weapons available to players this season.

There are tons of great weapons in this season, with all the Heisted weapons being unvalued after the Fortnite Most Wanted event. There are also unvalued non-Mythic weapons like the Combat Shotgun that are hugely influential and will warp the game around them, but these three are our candidates for the best weapons.