The 10 best Minecraft mansion ideas

By William Davis


Sep 30, 2021

Reading time: 5 min

Minecraft is a life-sized sandbox game that allows you to build anything you want using blocks. From a perfect Minecraft house to a temple that wows your friends, you can build anything you imagine. But, have you ever wondered how to build a mansion in Minecraft? 

There is something about building your own mansion in Minecraft that is so awesome. You can’t get bored with these types of things because there are literally limitless possibilities of Minecraft building ideas, however, the way you build your house in Minecraft can make or break your experience, so be sure to check out these amazing designs for some inspiration! 

Large modern mansion

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WiederDude’s mansion might be the simplest Minecraft mansion design, but it’s still an interesting one to get started. 

An exciting thing about this tutorial is that it shows how to decorate the interior with the help of furniture and decoration pieces while creating an overwhelming exterior design.

The building blocks you are going to need for this mansion are mainly white concrete, spruce slabs, jungle planks, and spruce planks. However, you can utilize your imagination too if you want to alter some building blocks to suit your taste. 

Given the ultimate convenience for newcomers in the tutorial, I consider it the best Minecraft mansion idea for beginners. However, you can look further down the list if you are a pro looking for something bigger and complicated. 

Contemporary mansion

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The contemporary mansion design is ideal for Minecrafters who want a perfect combination of design and simplicity. 

Imagine yourself exploring the mainland with such a stunning mansion built in your territory. The most interesting thing is the night view of the mansion that you can see in the picture. What a calm and soothing sight to explore!

The presence of greenery around the house is what makes this building stand out. However, you will admire how Keralis has designed the interior full of modifications and decorations. 

Is this too simple for your experience? Don’t worry, wait for some biggies to come next!

Mighty spruce mansion

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If you are a spruce wood, there could be nothing more important than this mighty spruce villa designed by Folli

You do not need to be an expert Minecrafter to build this one. Instead, the tutorial breaks down the entire process into simpler steps for everyone’s convenience.

The exterior is not the only site where you will see an abundance of wood planks and spruce planks. But the interior also contains plenty of wooden-filled structures to satisfy your craze of living in a mighty mansion made of spruce. This Mansion looks visually stunning!

Large Japanese mansion

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In your last anime movie, did you notice Japanese-style buildings that appeal to you? Well, this mansion from SheepGG is a true reflection of the Japanese masterclass in classical architecture. 

This multistory building is sufficient to store massive quantities of materials on your island. Like the previous one, you will also notice the extensive use of wooden blocks that give this building a brownish shade.

The addition of a couple of interesting Japanese trees such as Matsu and Sakura trees would further enhance the outlook of this design. All in all, you can quickly bring Japanese architectural excellence to your territory by building this gigantic mansion. It will help you attract visitors from far-off places due to its height.

Splendid desert mansion

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The next on our list is a stunning structure designed by A1 MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT.

The absence of greenery and lavish structures make deserts the least appealing to many Minecrafters. However, you will start exploring these territories more often once you learn how to build a stunning Minecraft mansion in the desert. 

Usually, you won’t see any plants around mansions built in the center of deserts. However, this stunning desert house uses plenty of greenery to boost its overall appearance. 

The main building block is going to be sandstones and some other related planks, including spruce wood plank, oak wood, etc. 

Simple medieval mansion

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This medieval mansion designed by BlueNerd Minecraft is one of the easiest medieval structures you will ever build. This simple yet detailed structure is what can transform your exposure and creativity. 

You will love the overall decoration combinations utilized by the designer to create a stunning masterpiece. A greenery touch and colorful details on the exterior make it stand out from the crowd.

Greenhouse mansion

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This ultimate Greenhouse mansion from Zaypixel is the next thing you should try after building a Medieval mansion. When combined with excellent Minecraft shaders, it is certainly going to be one of the top-notch projects executed by you. 

If you are looking to create something big for mountainside mining, you will find plenty of options with this one. The overall size of the mansion is neither too big nor too small to perfectly suit the cliffside environment.

Japanese castle 

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This Japanese Castle was designed by BlueBits.

It makes the perfect choice for people looking for a nice combination of massive structures coupled with top-notch beauty. There are plenty of choices to consider in terms of maintaining the interior. 

When it comes to building blocks, you can utilize jungle wood planks, jungle wood stairs, and cobblestone stairs besides following the suggestions in the tutorial.

Dream house mansion

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This dream house mansion by Grian makes the perfect choice for people looking to combine luxury with a classic architect. 

Would you like to build a movie-style dream house mansion that will revolutionize your experience? There is so much to see in this classic building. The presence of plenty of rooms ensures spacious capacity for plenty of things besides captivating lots of visitors.

 All in all, it makes the perfect choice for people looking for nurturing dreams of world domination. 

Nordic mansion

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Are you a fan of Nordic buildings found across Northern Europe? The last on our list is the top-notch Nordic mansion designed by TheMythicalSausage. It features high ceilings, mighty stairs, and a captivating outlook. 

It resembles a rustic wooden cabin. The first floor is open to the outside with no walls on any side and its roof is made from wood planks, which are arranged in an overlapping fashion to allow rainwater to easily slide off 

Because its open-air design allows for plenty of light to shine in, it’s the perfect Minecraft Mansion for those who love bright and sunny interiors.

Building the best Minecraft mansion is not easy. It takes time and effort, but the result is worth it. A mansion in Minecraft can be built with a lot of creativity. There are several ideas that you can follow to make your own mansion design for the game. 

It is important to keep in mind that each design has its own requirements and unique features. You need to consider these things before creating one for yourself. Time to build your dream mansion!